Keeping an eye on the road

Driving is a dynamic activity where circumstances are changing continuously. The safety of the driver depends on his ability to perceive the changes that occur every single moment.

The Avnet radar FMC board helps make driving much safer with its unceasing monitoring of all blind spots. This FMC EVB boasts the BGT24MTR12, an IFX 24GHz transceiver MMIC with one transmitter and two receiver units with VCO integrated in. 

Cars parked in a parking garage
Features Key Components Target Applications
  • 250MHz bandwidth
  • Distance:0~76m
  • Resolution: 0.6m
  • Speed:-64km/h…64km/h
  • Speed Resolution:1km/h
  • Angle:+-32
  • Sample Rate:600kHz
  • Capable of Detecting: 32 targets
  • Blind Spot Detection
  • Other ISM Application

Block diagram

24GHz Radar Solution

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