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Over the last decade, ADAS systems in vehicles have become more advanced to create smarter vehicles and increase the road safety. With its Customizable Connectivity Ecosystem, Avnet is future-ready and is able to support a wide array of customized systems. Among the future trend technical requirements that Avnet’s solution is able to support are Sensor/RF modules, Digital Control, Connectivity, Intelligent Algorithms and System Integration.

With the flexibility in its ADAS solutions, Avnet’s service-oriented gateway is able to integrate multiple functions to improve the in-vehicle experience for the end consumer while ensuring a safe driving experience. For example, Avnet’s solution is able to support a Multi-OS in one system incorporating both Linux OS and Android OS. It can also support a multi-display setup with quick instrument startup, multi-screen interactive functions and hardware isolation. With these capabilities and more, Avnet is prepared to support the ADAS systems of the future.

Car driving at night with LED headlights


  • All-in-one system
  • Hardware support and design
  • Software support and design
  • Algorithm development and integration
  • System integration
  • Partner Algorithm/Product Integration

Target applications

  • ADAS and autonomous driving
  • EV/HEV powertrain
  • E-cockpit
  • Service-oriented gateway
  • Domain controller and peripheral


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