Real-time insights from connected assets

Avnet’s Smart Factory solution helps you keep track of production on your factory floor and measure production performance. We make it possible for you to collate and analyze data across machines to make your processes faster and more efficient. You gain real-time insights from the connected assets and drive efficiencies with Avnet’s IoTConnect® Platform.

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Mixed Media - Centralized remote management

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Centralized remote management

  • Check machine status and performance from a single place
  • Large-scale, multi-site asset monitoring using an interactive dashboard
  • User-friendly map view interface with multiple filter options
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Mixed Media - predictive analytics

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Predictive analytics

  • Data stream processing for predictive maintenance analysis
  • Avoid sudden breakdowns and take a condition-based maintenance approach
  • Monitor important KPIs based on predictive modeling
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Ticketing systems for issue tracking

  • Identify poor machine performance and generate service tickets
  • Track the status of all tickets from a single view
  • Better interdepartmental communications
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Real-time telemetry and analytics

  • Seamless, comprehensive machine and production line monitoring
  • Real-time analysis through live data processing
  • Greater visibility into everyday operations with rich data visualization
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IoT solutions

Avnet is your one partner for IoT. We can help organizations of any size create connected devices that run safer, smarter and more efficiently.

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Let's talk

Connect with Avnet's IoT experts to find the right solution for your business

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Innovating industrial IoT connections

Avnet has been at the forefront of this innovation, bringing you the Avnet SmartEdge Industrial IoT Gateway, powered by Raspberry Pi to bring your solutions to life.

Enhancing connectivity with IIoT devices

The rise of Industry 4.0 has led to the predominance of IIoT. Avnet SmartEdge Industrial IoT Gateway provides a quick and easy way to adopt IIoT applications.


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Accelerating the development of motor control

Xilinx has launched a series of Industrial IoT solutions and motor control is one of the applications. One such application is the Electronic Drive Development Platform (EDDP) Motor Control Kit with Motor & Power Supplies.

Propelling the transformation of construction

By providing the technological solutions used in the management of the cloud-based portal, Avnet is helping to expedite the digital transformation of construction.