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Accelerate and scale the deployment of IoT solutions


Introducing Avnet’s IoTConnect® Partner Program

The complexity of deploying IoT solutions spans farther than simply development – today, partners must navigate a vast technology landscape to arrive at complete and secure solutions that meet customer demands.

Avnet’s Partner Program creates a unique channel to enable partners – systems integrators, VARs, OEMs and ISVs – to address both hardware and software needs, deliver unmatched global reach and maximize revenue potential.

How will you bring order to your next IoT solution?

 Develop solutions on our secure IoTConnect Platform

 Simplify with market-ready smart applications

 Expand your portfolio of offerings with certified IoTConnect Platform devices

Join our program and unlock the benefits for your business today.

Address hardware and software needs

With nearly 100 years in technology, Avnet has deep hardware and software expertise

Multiply revenue

Generate additional revenue streams through Avnet's recurring billing platform and global IoT marketplace

Expand reach and accelerate time to market

Tap into Avnet’s technology ecosystem to rapidly deploy your IoT solutions across the globe

Realize complete

Find a global one-stop shop for solutions and services beyond SaaS to include security, hardware and logistics

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Avnet announces IoTConnect Partner Program at CES 2020


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