IoTConnect® Platform

Enterprise AI, data & IoT platform

Most businesses generate a great amount of valuable data, but that data must be funneled back into the organization to take advantage of operation and business innovations. IoT solutions can be extremely complex and it's easy to feel overwhelmed when seeing its real-life use cases and the hype around it.

Top considerations for implementation include:

  • Security & privacy
  • Interoperability & standards
  • Convergence of IT and OT
  • Hosting model
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Speed time to market and manage the entire process

IoTConnect Platform is our cloud-based, highly scalable software platform, addresses all common industry needs and the challenges businesses have been facing, providing a standardized way to harness IoT so your business can quickly build smart apps and solutions on the platform, follow best practices, have a data-driven decision-making process, and extend capabilities.

By leveraging Microsoft’s enterprise-grade, highly secure Azure hybrid cloud computing service to enable seamless distribution and analysis of data across cloud and on-premise systems, the platform Helps organizations build IoT solutions and scale them for mass distribution with powerful security and connectivity protocols give IoTConnect Platform users flexibility.

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Capabilities of the IoTConnect® Platform

Easy configuration for remote access
Eliminate security risks and compatibility hurdles. IoTConnect Platform helps you register and pair devices easily to the platform without coding. Once configured, it facilitates device identity management, asset management, software management, and connection and configuration management.

Cross-device communication
IoTConnect Platform supports communication across multiple devices.

Real-time device monitoring
See what's happening on your remote devices, at any point, from anywhere.

Multi-layer security
A new multl-layer security is deployed across the IoTConnect Platform to eliminate network-related security risks. This is achieved with device identity management and application security including multi-factor authentication. What’s more, it helps mitigate security risks, unexpected downtime, low efficiency and information latency.

Connect unlimited "things"
You can connect an unlimited number of sensors, gadgets, and equipment to our IoTConnect Platform.

Connectors for data visualization
Build real-time interactive dashboards to understand data as per your requirements.

Smart rules for instant notifications
Easily create smart rules for connected devices to be notified on mobile devices.

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