The home of the future

Controlling lighting and appliances throughout your home remotely is now possible. Home automation also includes safety with complete lines of traditional security and surveillance systems to protect your home. Such systems will also take care of overall energy saving with sophisticated energy consumption management systems monitoring utilities or energy providers.

Let our team guide you to the right components you need for different smart home applications in areas such as:

  • Home automation    
  • Home safety
  • LPWAN​
  • Smart Lighting Control


Home automation

Design your smart dream home with our specialists

Smart homes are used to control a number of key functions, including air conditioning, lighting, roller shutters, alarms, door-locking mechanisms and individual appliances, from a single networked system. The networking is implemented within the framework of a home automation system. The trend here is to be able to control every object from the TV while you are at home and with your smart phone or tablet if you are on the way. Regarding mobility, the data and controls will need to transit via the cloud.

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Home safety

Protection against intrusion, fire, etc.

Advancements in sensor technology has increased humankind’s ability to assess, predict, and sometimes, prevent harm before they pose any danger. Again those sensors will not only warn the people inside the house with an alarm but could also get connected to the network to make sure all relevant services and people are informed. 


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Low-Power wide-area network

The proliferation of Internet of Things applications has led to the development of new wireless communication technologies like LPWAN. LPWAN is ideal for meeting the requirements of IoT applications with a large number of connections. It offers long range, low power usage and lower infrastructure cost during installation to link IoT applications with a huge number of nodes.

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Mix media - smart lighting control

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Smart lighting control

Choose the ambiance you want to enjoy at home

The lights in a house, or individual rooms, can be set to pre-defined mood settings, just like in a theatre. Home automation systems provide the necessary control environment for this functionality. For example, the lighting can be controlled using a tablet, which allows the user to set the various mood settings, such as 'TV', 'family meal/everyday' or 'candlelit dinner,' at the press of a button. Even in cases where central lighting control is not possible, individual lamps and/or plug sockets can be controlled remotely. This removes the need for wired-in switches and allows users to keep switches in a location that is more convenient for them.

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Antennas for the connected home

Browse the extensive portfolio of high performance components for a broad spectrum of wireless applications

person using smart home app on smartphone

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Smart Home

If you think smart home technology is only about stereo systems and voice-activated ordering, you can think again. Sigfox’s global network dedicated exclusively to the Internet of Things is more secure, versatile, and affordable than ever before.

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Use Case

Keeping your home safe

Burglaries happen every 15 seconds in the U.S., and the most common entry point is through the garage. Exosite’s solutions add an additional layer of security.