Home safety

Whether it be a series of lights you can control with your phone, or various smoke detectors, or even a security system that sends images to your tablet - adding smarts to your home can help save energy, increase safety and make life more convenient. With more and more devices talking to each other in the home, however, security becomes especially critical. It also gets more complex as you begin to manage end devices via different wireless connectivity protocols and interfaces.

This is why at Avnet we have been a leading proponent of home safety solutions, one of the most popular applications of IoT. 

Engineering tomorrow’s connected house today

In the Internet of Things (IoT), connection isn’t a luxury: it’s a necessity. Luckily, even a single antenna can transmit and receive unprecedented amounts of data. Antennas are the unsung hero of the ever-changing world of IoT, from home automation to energy solutions and surveillance products.

Home safety system

Avnet’s Home Safety Sensor Hub solution is a holistic one-stop ecosystem designed to allow access to critical data from a user-friendly mobile application.


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Unlocking the future of security

Smart locks are replacing conventional locks everywhere. However, security and battery life pose challenges to the adoption of smart locks. Avnet has addressed these challenges with its Smart Lock solution.


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Making the IoT more secure

Unauthorized access to the network can lead to security issues. It is important to add a secure element on the IoT device to ensure authorized access and use. Avnet brings you the power of the Infineon OPTIGA Trust B IoT Security solution.