Home automation

Design your smart dream home with our specialists

Smart homes are used to control a number of key functions, including air conditioning, lighting, roller shutters, alarms, door-locking mechanisms and individual appliances, from a single networked system. The networking is implemented within the framework of a home automation system. The trend here is to be able to control every object from the TV while you are at home and with your smart phone or tablet if you are on the way. Regarding mobility, the data and controls will need to transit via the cloud.

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Smart gateway

From smart home solutions to industrial and medical electronics, people across the world are not just amazed by the vast possibilities enabled by IoT, they are astounded by the speed at which they are entering our lives.

Home safety system

Avnet’s Home Safety Sensor Hub solution is a holistic one-stop ecosystem designed to allow access to critical data from a user-friendly mobile application.

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Smart home solution

The rise of smart home solutions has ushered in a new era of convenience into modern households.