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Define your IoT strategy with our consulting services

Adopting IoT can cause major impacts on your business' architecture, standards, security and business models. Most companies need an industry expert by their side to be successful.

Avnet helps companies adopt IoT strategy and technology – and we're also part of the groups helping to shape emerging global IoT standards, including the IoT M2M Council and the LoRa Alliance.

Our advisory services ensure companies have the latest IoT info and educational resources to profit from the booming IoT market. Avnet can help you vet, understand and articulate how IoT can benefit the bottom line with:

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Proof of value workshops: Our workshop moves beyond the theory of IoT and we’ll work on use case definition, opportunity assessment, as well as an IoT roadmap, including how to build and deploy a pilot project and value realization.

Audit and readiness assessment: We’ll map out digital capabilities, explore how IoT can enable outcome-driven business models, explore specific scenarios on how IoT can transform a business and assess a company’s current state of readiness for actualizing IoT.

Transformation roadmap strategy: We assist our customers in reaching their business goals with services that support them to develop a comprehensive understanding of the nature and impact of transformational technologies.

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Leverage our design & build expertise for hardware development

Once organizations have a concept for a new product, or maybe an idea to reinvent an existing product using IoT technology, they often need a partner who can help them success. That’s where Avnet can help. By partnering with Avnet, organizations can focus on innovation – knowing that all design, supply chain and manufacturing considerations are in the hands of experts with:

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Our design capabilities help accelerate time to revenue.

  • Product development
  • Technology and component selection
  • Integration
  • Device management

Our software and hardware specialists can help you put your design in motion and be ready for large-scale manufacturing.

  • Manufacturing
  • Inventory management
  • Connectivity
  • Security
  • Gateways and PLC programmers
  • Sensors and device installation
  • Device registration and configuration
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Speed software development with our cloud & digital services

Avnet IoT solutions and PoC platforms include hardware, software and security building blocks that are pre-coded to send data to the cloud. This saves you coding time and speeds up your IoT solution development.

Our solutions deliver:

  • Robust and secure IoT cloud
  • Decoupling sensors and applications
  • Optimum device connectivity
  • Complex event processing and real-time analytics
  • Flexible deployment modalities
  • Remote device management
  • Rich REST APIs/SDKs for easy app development
  • Open and industry standards
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Security in IoT is more than just a software update or encrypted chip. Effective security can only be established with the marriage of both software and hardware, often which is built with technologies from multiple companies. These technologies are often so complex that most customers are unable to complete the security task on their own.

What’s more, security is not a one and done static implementation. New threats are created every day.

Security schemes start at the beginning of the product roadmap and go through deployment and updates. Having a partner with experience in end-to-end in security can move businesses from initial product planning to designing, building, deploying and maintaining an IoT solution.

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IoT solutions

Avnet is your one partner for IoT. We can help organizations of any size create connected devices that run safer, smarter and more efficiently.

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