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Gateways can be as varied as the devices they help connect, with each gateway needing different protocols, connection methodologies and energy requirements to bring together the myriad of distributed parts that make up the IoT whole. Gateways serve critical functions such as data filtering and security and up to application code. Whether an app on a mobile device, a demo board, or even a connected sensor, gateways are critical to the functioning of the IoT—and Avnet’s deep hardware experience help connect your solutions to the cloud smartly and with security in mind.

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SmartEdge Industrial IoT Gateway

SmartEdge Industrial IoT Gateway, powered by Raspberry Pi, helps simplify and accelerate adoption of IIoT applications. The gateway provides versatile connectivity with data intelligence for a wide range of industrial 4.0 applications.

smartedge iot gateway device


Dell Edge Gateways

Empower analytics at the edge of your IoT network with the intelligent Dell Edge Gateway for richer business insights. An edge gateway connects varied wired and wireless devices and systems, aggregates and analyzes the input, and sends it on. Because the gateway sits close to your devices and sensors, it sends only meaningful data to the cloud or control center, saving you expensive bandwidth.

Dell IoT Edge Gateway Device

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