IoT Development Kits & Boards

Kits for IoT solution testing, development and demonstration

Shorter design cycles and more technology than ever before means that development kits and boards provide IoT developers a crucial leg up in engineering connected solutions ahead of the competition. Development boards—PCBs with integrated circuits, interfaces, and components—and the kits that leverage them are assembled onto a small footprint and can be used for performance evaluation, testing, development and demonstration of the features of a product. These boards and kits make the design efforts of a user simple, cost-effective and fast.

Cloud Connect Kits

We’ve created a community targeting designers of cloud enabled, connected devices to provide you with the information, resources and support you need to design connected solutions based on our Cloud Connect Starter Kits and wireless modules.

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Mixed Media - Azure Sphere Starter Kit

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Azure Sphere Starter Kit

The Avnet Azure Sphere MT3620 Starter Kit supports rapid prototyping of highly secure, end-to-end IoT implementations using Microsoft’s Azure Sphere. The small form-factor carrier board includes a production-ready MT3620 Sphere module with WiFi connectivity, along with multiple expansion interfaces for easy integration of off-the-shelf sensors, displays, motors, relays, and more.

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Azure Sphere Starter Kit MT3620 box, board and cable


SmartEdge Agile

SmartEdge Agile is a “Meta-Sensing” solution that combines hardware and software that allows engineers at any level to develop and deploy IoT solutions built with artificial intelligence in as little as six to eight months.

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Avnet IoTConnect and How to Get Started

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Avnet Datasheet and User Manual AES-MS-MT3620-M-G Module

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Avnet Azure Sphere MT3620 Starter Kit

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Avnet Azure Sphere Guardian 100