Speed development of IoT products

Avnet IoT solutions and PoC platforms include hardware, software and security building blocks that are pre-coded to send data to the cloud. This saves you coding time and speeds up your IoT solution development. Our solutions deliver:

  • Robust and secure IoT cloud
  • Decoupling sensors and applications
  • Optimum device connectivity
  • Complex event processing and real-time analytics
  • Flexible deployment modalities
  • Remote device management
  • Rich REST APIs/SDKs for easy app development
  • Open and industry standards


IoTConnect™ is a cloud platform that facilities device communication and management, data storage and app creation - which is ideal for creating IoT solutions and digitizing the business. The platform helps address the common challenges many companies are facing today, including unexpected downtime, low efficiency and lack of the information needed to take corrective measures.

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Satellite orbiting Earth

Digital solutions

It's not always necessary to invest time and money building a solution from scratch. Our SaaS solutions are market-ready and can be customized to meet your specific needs

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Stacked tablet computers running Avnet Smart IoT Apps