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Integrated Solutions

Embedded capabilities beyond limits

Avnet opens the floodgates of success for original equipment manufacturers and solutions providers by helping them select, source, optimize and support embedded solutions such as boards, displays and systems.

For your complex products based on embedded solutions, you want to focus on value-added features and capabilities, not the hardware technology underneath. The “secret sauce” you build into your products sets you apart from the competition, and you need to foster innovation around that expertise every day.

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Still, for your offerings to shine they need the right hardware foundations and that can be a huge distraction from your core business. If the computer on your equipment goes down, all of the time and effort you put in to ensuring a great customer experience with your best-in-class product is for naught. Embedded boards, displays and systems need ruggedization to stand up to harsh operating conditions, longevity to operate dependably throughout extended lifecycles and ongoing availability to support long-term return on your investment in design and development.

Meeting those standards can get in the way of your business. It can be expensive and complex to create embedded hardware solutions, and designing and building them requires specialized expertise you probably don’t have in-house. Bringing solutions to market can be a drag on your company’s financial outlook, and entering new markets can make things even harder.

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The value of a wisely chosen partner

Partnering with Avnet can ensure that your solutions have the foundations they need to deliver value, leaving you free to focus on core operations, including adding value to existing solutions and driving new ones forward. Avnet can assist you with the full lifecycle of your project. Beginning with initial design, Avnet can then follow through with assembly, configuration, testing and shipping.

With full-service engineering labs, tools and processes, Avnet can provide specification, assembly and validation capabilities, allowing you to develop optimal applications that differentiate your company in the marketplace. Our facilities include the following locations:

  • Chandler, Arizona: Avnet’s global design and manufacturing hub
  • San Jose, California: Design and engineering lab for customer collaboration
  • Acton, Massachusetts: Design and manufacturing center for the northeastern U.S. and Canada
  • Nogales, Mexico: Assembly and manufacturing center for system and server builds
  • Tianjin, China: Diversified manufacturing center for customers in Asia markets
  • Stutensee, Germany: Board manufacturing facility, from prototypes to high-volume production
  • Freiburg, Germany: System manufacturing and integration facility
  • Malta: Manufacturing facility for low-cost boards
  • German Design Center Network: Four design facilities in support of European manufacturing centers

We take the complexity out of getting your IP to market quickly, all over the world, including global logistics and regulatory expertise that keep those demands from distracting you away from success.

Embedded Boards

Build world-class products with processing power delivered by embedded boards supplied by Avnet. 

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Display Solutions

Whatever display requirements your embedded solution has, look to Avnet as your partner of choice for technical and operational expertise that can deliver optimal off-the-shelf or custom solutions.

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Embedded Systems

Avnet can provide complete functioning embedded systems to drive your applications, meeting the most stringent needs for ruggedization and longevity.

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Custom Solutions: Capabilities

Avnet has the building blocks, expertise and facilities to build custom solutions for your embedded applications.

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Supporting Innovation

Avnet Integrated Solutions offers complete hardware and software integration to build the optimal solution that fulfills your requirements

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Edico Genome’s DRAGEN Platform is changing the way clinicians diagnose and treat deadly diseases like cancer and Avnet is playing a critical role in helping them

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