Fully integrated solutions deliver your innovative solution

You’ve got an idea for an application that will revolutionize an aspect of information technology. Your success depends on getting the solution out right away to make the most of the opportunity. The challenge is you don’t want to take the time to build up your hardware appliance from the ground up.


With Avnet, there’s a fast and convenient way we can get where you want to be. We offer a number of options for fully integrated hardware platforms and a suite of services; from creating your appliance to delivery to market, with follow-through support during and after its use in the field.

The Latest Platforms Matched to Your Market and Application

We start by learning what success means to you. We then take the time to listen and discuss your application in detail. From this understanding, we’ll develop configurations that make sense both technically and from a business perspective. Recommendations from Avnet specialists are always based on what they know will work smoothly and not a force fit they’re trying to sell you on.

The integrated infrastructure systems we represent come with flexible processor options all built on the most current architecture. This flexibility extends to memory, storage and peripherals such as networking interfaces. As an authorized source and leading partner of the top hardware suppliers in the world, we’re well-versed in the specifications. We won’t read you a data sheet, we’ll deliver performance that gives your customers the best experience.

We have a variety of integrated solution options based on:

  • Form factor
  • Level of integration from dedicated appliance to converged rack
  • Budget and total cost of ownership

When you work with the integrated solutions experts from Avnet you’ll really appreciate their depth of knowledge around end market solutions. We speak your language and it shows in the questions we ask and the recommendations we make. That’s because our team brings years of experience designing data center and system level solutions for diverse communications applications, including:

  • Unified communications
  • Telecommunications
  • Content delivery for media and entertainment

We’ve also built quite a resume creating market specific infrastructure solutions around healthcare, finance and industrial automation, just to name a few.

In each of these instances our factory trained and certified system engineers have built integrated solutions that optimize the data flow, minimize power usage and heat generation and meet the requirements for certification. In every situation we configure the solution specific to your objectives and never take a one size fits all approach.

Integrated solutions

Customization, integration and a whole lot more

If your strategy calls for a distinct look for your system or appliance, the team at Avnet can make that happen. From custom bezels to fully painted enclosures, we’ll make your brand stand out. If you’re looking to customize on the inside, including giving your customers a “build to order” solution, we will support this as well.

Our services include integration, software image loading, serialization and custom packaging. We perform all of this in our ISO certified integration centers. Avnet has integration centers located all across the globe so we can support your go-to-market game plan no matter which market you’re going after. All of Avnet’s centers are on a common system so quality is consistent and any bill of materials (BOM) changes are current at every location.

Avnet’s integrated solutions offer three distinct categories of system configurations to choose from.

  • Dedicated Appliances: For a discrete function such as security for healthcare or analytics in a factory automation environment, dedicated systems are efficient and effective for delivering your Intellectual Property (IP). 
  • Converged Infrastructure Systems: A fully integrated rack with flexible options for computing, networking and storage. A great solution for addressing markets with customers who vary in size such as content delivery for media and entertainment.
  • Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Systems: Designed for scale, this ‘data center in a box’ is a great way to engage markets that offer a consistent experience to an ever growing number of end users such as telecommunications.

Our team will guide you through the process of selecting the right architecture and then design a configuration that gets the most out of your application. Together we’ll create a solution that will enable you to set the standard for innovation in the market.

If getting your appliance out to your customers or channel creates a challenge, Avnet solves for this with logistics services. We can even handle installations, warranties with call center support, and break/fix depot repair for you. Once your product reaches the end of its service life in the field, Avnet’s recycling and asset reclamation services meet your requirements.

integrated systems

Routes to market accelerating your time to profits

When we provide a total solution, it’s more than just the technology. Our team will discuss different models we’ve designed to improve your cash flow and profitability. These models let you control your exposure by determining how much of the supply-chain you want to manage yourself or let us manage it for you.

The Avnet integrated solutions portfolio, and the team that supports it, are focused on helping you reach your goals. Contact your local specialist today.

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