Technology choices form the backbone of your integrated solution

Regardless of the market you serve and where in the world you serve it, there is one common denominator. It’s the explosive growth of data being generated. You see the great potential around data centers and the infrastructure needed to support it, and you want to get in on the action The Avnet team is ready to bring your solution to life with our expertise in integrated solutions.

Avnet’s integrated solutions come in a variety of technology options, including converged infrastructure systems, hyper-converged systems and dedicated appliances. Working together, we’ll design the right solution for you to achieve even more than you thought possible.

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The know-how to know what will get the job done

There’s no one- size fits all when it comes to solutions for a data center. Our team will cover key considerations with you like application response time, data volume and archive requirements to understand the environment. We’ll use this to develop recommendations on the best way to deliver your solution. Our team will also solve for any challenges you face developing or delivering the overall product.

You’ll appreciate working with our experts as they guide you from concept through supplying your customers and channel with your innovative solution. Each one of our integrated solutions specialists brings years of development experience across a number of systems. They also are trained and certified by our hardware and software suppliers to ensure they have a demonstrated knowledge of all elements of the system.

Hardware and software options to deliver the ideal user experience

You want to focus on your application so let us take care of building the server solution that’s right for you. We have broad relationships with industry leading technology providers to customize your solution:

  • Boards & Modules: Avnet offers a variety of COM/SOM and SBC form factors using x86 and ARM processing technology.
  • Servers: From embedded servers to dedicated appliances and converged systems, we have the standard server you need or the ability to customize a “white box” solution to meet your go to market strategy.
  • Enclosures & Peripherals: Our chassis partnerships will give you many options to determine the right enclosure for your system.  Further customizing your solution is made easy with the many options we have in power supplies, heat sinks, fans and cabling.
  • Networking: Our wide selection of NICs covering the major networking standards optimizes peak performance.
  • Software: We offer a full suite of operating system platforms, simplifying the licensing process and delivering services to support image loading, royalty reporting, and support end users.
  • Storage: From Hard Drives to Solid State Drives and storage adapters & controllers to RAID arrays we offer the latest technologies from leaders in the storage market.

No matter what type of application you’re looking to bring to market, at Avnet we have the technology partnerships and products to design your appliance, converged system or hyper-converged system to get you there quickly and efficiently.

From start to finish, Avnet is with you offering services to complement your resources and give you fast access to global reach and scale.

Avnet will guide you to the optimum configuration to make your application really stand out in the crowd. Start today by contacting your Avnet integrated solutions expert or complete this form and we’ll be in touch with you.

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Servers are at the heart of your embedded system whether it’s driving an operational technology appliance or data center infrastructure.

Server, server technology

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Design: The art and science of turning an idea into reality

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Device Programming & Modifications

Our secure, high volume centers deliver the quality you require at an overall lower total cost of ownership than trying to do it yourself.

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Integrated solutions

Avnet Integrated can guide you through all aspects and challenges you’re facing related to the design, sourcing, integration, testing, logistics and support for your hardware-based solutions.