Quickly connect you and your customer

You have a clear business strategy and vision for how you want to reach and engage your customers. Having a partner with a proven approach to help execute your game plan is essential to your success. Avnet understands this and is ready to take you where you want to go. Our routes to market options provide flexibility, scale and global reach.

When you travel the road with Avnet, the route to market will be both profitable and generate a high degree of satisfaction for your customer.

Multiple roads that all lead to success

Avnet has developed a deep understanding of the unique requirements our customers have for reaching the market tied to their business model. We’ve used our experience delivering highly effective and efficient market engagements to create the following route to market options.

  • Traditional OEM: When your solution is built on a dedicated hardware platform running your Intellectual Property (IP) and you want to present it as a single product, the traditional OEM route is best for you. Avnet will support your design efforts, solve for the supply-chain and offer complimentary services to provide a complete solution to your customer or channel.
  • Virtual OEM: In the case where you want to focus strictly on your application that’s certified on specific hardware that you don’t have to manage, Avnet’s virtual OEM program is exactly what you’re looking for. In the virtual OEM route, there are two different ways to engage:
    • You work directly with your end customer to sell and license your software application and direct the customer to Avnet for the hardware. We’ll handle the transaction and supply functions. You still make all the decisions around the design configuration, type of platform, etc. while we do the heavy lifting.
    • Avnet will bundle your application with the hardware by installing the image and sending the complete system to your customer or channel partner. Avnet will manage the entire process for you.
Integrated solutions

Avnet’s routes to market process accelerates your time to revenue and give you complete control over the things that matter most to you. Our job is to pave the road and ensure everything runs smoothly every step of the way.

Services to ensure a smooth journey

Why leave anything to chance when it comes to designing, supplying or supporting your solution? Avnet removes the guess work with a set of services matched to every stage of your product lifecycle. We’ll collaborate with you from start to finish so not only will you have a great route to market but also a trouble-free ride along the way. For more details on the breadth of services we offer, visit this page.

Hardware vehicles to drive your route to market

Avnet’s routes to market are a fit for companies looking to create an operational technology solution using Embedded Systems or an information technology platform using an Integrated Solution. No matter what type of application you’re looking to create or market you want to serve, Avnet Embedded knows how to get you to your destination.

As a global partner, Avnet is able to provide a consistent experience for your customers and channel regardless of the region or end market you’re looking to target.

You have the vision and we know what it takes to chart and travel the route to get you there. Let’s team up to deliver your strategy successfully. Contact your local Avnet Embedded specialist today.


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Value-Add and integration

Support for building innovation based upon your vision.




Our team keeps your business objectives front and center when we are designing unique solutions to achieve your goals.

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Enclosures and Peripherals

We’ll incorporate the enclosure into your overall design and business strategy so you achieve your objectives.

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Servers are at the heart of your embedded system whether it’s driving an operational technology appliance or data center infrastructure.

Server, server technology