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Accelerate your time to market

Avnet works with leading software innovators to bring their solutions to market on reliable, purpose-built hardware platforms, allowing our customers to speed time-to-market and realize incremental revenue sooner.

Your relationship with Avnet can unlock the ability to focus on your core application expertise, rather than ancillary concerns, during solution development. This is particularly valuable as you consider the complexity of providing the hardware infrastructure to deploy your intellectual property on. In addition to developing the technology itself, keeping the supply chain for the actual hardware running smoothly can be an expensive distraction that slows down the product development cycle as a whole.

Streamlined path to product development

As an solution provider, your livelihood depends on innovation. And the core focus of that innovation needs to be on your IP. Avnet frees up your resources to focus on that innovation by collaborating with you to provide world-class hardware solutions that your products can be deployed on.

As a product manager, you’re responsible for that innovation—while hitting tight market windows, staying on budget, exceeding revenue forecasts, satisfying your customers and planning the next generation of your product.

Avnet works with product management across industries, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, as a trusted partner. We streamline new product introduction, manufacturing and support for you, freeing your resources to focus on core IP innovation.

We maintain relationships with first-tier suppliers that give you preferential access to cutting-edge hardware technology. Our expertise includes engineering and producing equipment based on that hardware that streamline your ability to bring solutions to market. In addition to accelerating development, we also help optimize and safeguard performance and reliability, ensuring the quality of your offerings for improved user experience and customer satisfaction.

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Team approach to improved lifecycle and lower costs

Avnet operates state-of-the-art engineering and manufacturing centers of excellence all over the world that develop the infrastructure to let your solutions shine. If your solution needs specialized hardware, we can modify it or provide fully custom solutions, all with timeline and cost profiles that are similar to (or better than) industry norms for off-the-shelf equipment.

When product strategy calls for expansion into new markets, Avnet has expertise in accelerating your path to any industry or regional certifications you will need. Because we have already established distribution and support facilities in many parts of the world, we can also streamline the process of bringing the product to market in those specific geographies.

Working with Avnet enables your company to overcome a variety of hurdles in bringing your products to market. In fact, that’s our core expertise. That positions us uniquely to help you enact product strategies and get your solutions into your customer’s hands quickly, accelerating your path to revenue.

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