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Simplify your hardware design

By leveraging Avnet's technical expertise to validate and deliver long-lifecycle hardware solutions, our customers are able to focus on their software applications and bring new innovations to market sooner and more efficiently.

Avnet can eliminate the hardware-oriented complexity involved in delivering solutions based on your software IP. The full lifecycle of selecting, sourcing, assembling and distributing embedded hardware can be an unwelcome distraction from your core business. It can easily get in the way of the value-added engineering your company depends on for product innovation.

At the same time, solution ingredients such as boards, displays, systems, servers, storage and networking are vital to your success. As an engineer, you are ultimately responsible for the performance of the design, however often lack sufficient in-house resources to hit product launch windows. To succeed in a competitive marketplace and keep customers happy, your solutions need ruggedized hardware that provides longevity in harsh operating environments. Avnet works together with our customers’ engineering teams to provide insight into technology roadmaps, qualify technical and performance requirements and test and qualify solutions. This frees engineers to focus on technology strategy and management of value-add functions while leveraging Avnet’s access, expertise and scale.

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Capabilities for the full hardware lifecycle

It is a truism that the features and functionality you build into your software depend on the performance, stability and other capabilities of the hardware it is deployed on. You cannot achieve success in terms of user experience and customer satisfaction without first-rate hardware. The physical infrastructure for your solution must be well designed, integrated and supported to safeguard success.

Moreover, off-the-shelf hardware may not be sufficient to the needs of your solutions. You might require modifications or even full customization, whether that’s building a custom housing, soldering new components onto a board or rewriting firmware. Avnet handles requirements like these every day, through longstanding relationships with leading suppliers, comprehensive hardware engineering and advanced automated manufacturing facilities.

Avnet’s unique value as a trusted collaborator

Your company needs world-class hardware solutions for its software IP, but providing them is at best a distraction and at worst a liability. On the other hand, hardware engineering and the support functions that come along with it are Avnet’s core competency. We develop documented processes for consistent builds, and we don’t deviate from them without your authorization. The result is a reliable source for predictable, repeatable results.

Partnering with Avnet provides a proven path to performance and reliability for your solutions, without requiring you to become a hardware provider. That streamlines your engineering function while improving your products.

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Supporting Innovation

Avnet Integrated Solutions offers complete hardware and software integration to build the optimal solution that fulfills your requirements

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