Supply Chain Services Overview

Supply-chain solutions: linking value throughout your solution

A big factor in your success is tied to the management of your materials. Managing all of the details around every component in your design is critical for both operational efficiency and profitability. Lose track of one or two seemingly small components and you could find yourself with big issues around meeting market demand and customer satisfaction. When you’re partnered with Avnet, we’ll put together a customized supply-chain solution where no detail is left to chance. You’ll reach your goals in a profitable manner by having the right mix of products in place where and when you need them.

Avnet has made a science of supply-chain solutions. Our proven method includes:

  • Upfront assessment and planning to prescribe the solution that fits best for you.
  • Disciplined inventory management and warehousing to ensure a consistent flow of materials.
  • Multiple route to market options for connecting your products and customers.


Assessment and planning

The first thing we do when we sit down with you is conduct a detailed review of your current operations, your financial performance and your results. If you’re just getting started, then we’ll identify your goals and objectives, identify the materials and operations resources in your organization and your timeline to launch.

Regardless of which of these best aligns with your company, the outcome will be a comprehensive blueprint of how best to maximize your resources at the lowest total cost of ownership. The plan we develop together with you is specific to your needs, your strengths and your vision. We’ll integrate a number of proven services to create your plan and show you how we’ll put it into practice.

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Supply-chain solutions

Inventory management and warehousing

As we implement your plan, we’ll use our deep supplier relationships to streamline your inventory flow with managed pipelines and our state-of-the-art forecasting tools. You’ll appreciate our ability to consolidate your spend to gain leverage and our ability to manage numerous vendors on your behalf.

Our global reach and presence becomes your strategic flexibility for positioning inventory and manufacturing as close to demand as possible. We’ll coordinate your ecosystem to ensure timely communication to all parties and adherence to service level agreements. When you engage Avnet, you’ll really appreciate the way we remove roadblocks and bottlenecks from your pathway to success.

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supply-chain services

Avnet has different options when it comes to where your products are stocked. We’ll set up a systemic approach to warehousing, ensuring balance across your supply-chain. This goes from our central stocking locations in each global region all the way down to inplant and outplant stores feeding your production lines.

​Routes to market

Once your product is built, Avnet will also guide you to the right supply-chain model for getting product to your customers and your channel. Our routes to market are flexible to give you different ways to expedite your time to cash aligned with options on managing receivables.

We look at your business model and offer tailored programs for the traditional OEM, startups seeking to be a virtual OEM and companies who derive their value from a cloud deployment.

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Routes to market