Avnet/ Renesas AI webinar

15 Jul 2020 - 15 Jul 2020


Renesas AI webinar

HMI and machine vision are two hot spots on the market. Many scenarios such as smart home, industrial control, building automation, etc. can be applied. At present, the solutions for these two fields in the market are inseparable from AI and image processing. However, AI control requires cloud support and has high requirements for the network environment. The ordinary CPU is also stretched in the processing and recognition of high-definition images.

In response to these pain points, Renesas has introduced unique e-AI and DRP technology, which can perfectly solve these two problems. e-AI technology can put aside the troubles of the cloud and complete the AI inference process locally on the device, reducing environmental requirements and improving computing efficiency; DRP technology is a hardware computing module, unlike FPGA, it can be controlled by software. It greatly improves the flexibility of hardware computing resources.

In general, these two technologies of Renesas Electronics can provide high performance while ensuring excellent cost performance. It must be your best choice in human-computer interaction and machine vision.

The content outline as follows:

  • Introduction of Renesas Electronics MPU Series
  • DRP(Dynamically Reconfigurable Processor)technology introduction
  • Introduction of RZ/G, RZ/V series MPU



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