Avnet/Microchip MCU webinar

09 Jun 2020 - 09 Jun 2020


Microchip MCU webinar

Graphics is important for the human machine interface in most IoT, industrial and automotive applications. Do you want to make your product unique by adding a cool and feature-rich GUI in an embedded system?

Microchip provides a wide range of 32-bit MCU / MPU product portfolios (48 MHz MCU to 600 MHz MPU) to meet the needs of easy interaction with devices through an intuitive graphical interface. 

The design tools and graphics driver are another key concern for application developer. Microchip provides a free integrated development environment MPLAB ® Harmony 3, which integrates the development of graphics low-level drivers, graphic design tools and MCU general functions, and is also compatible with 32-bit MCU / MPU series. It can help you realize from small size and low resolution display to high performance animated HMI, which is convenient for reusing design experience and matching your products with different level graphics requirements. 

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