Red Hat and Eurotech Partnership: Paving Way for End-to-End Architecture for IoT

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Red Hat and Eurotech Partnership: Paving Way for End-to-End Architecture for IoT


Red Hat Inc., in its March 2016 press release, announced its collaboration with Eurotech, a leading M2M and IoT solution provider based out of Italy. The significant partnership marks the start of an entirely new chapter in the IoT era that paves the way for simplifying integration and accelerating implementation of IoT projects.

Red Hat will combine its technical prowess with that of Eurotech to mitigate the known weaknesses of IoT projects to enhance its flexibility and augment its implementation. As part of this technology association, Red Hat will combine the strength of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat JBoss Middleware with the versatility of Eurotech’s Everyware Software Framework and Eurotech Everyware Cloud. By building a single end-to-end architecture, they hope to build an essential connection between operations and information technology. Moreover, as Red Hat further elaborates in its press release, the aforementioned technology collaboration is expected to ensure device security and management as well as application support for all IoT solutions.

The collaboration, deemed as “logical” by Alfonso Velosa III, a research VP with Gartner, is expected to leverage the expertise of the technology stalwarts in helping override the latency, scalability, reliability and security issues that has been complicating IoT implementations. As Esmeralda Swartz, VP of Marketing Enterprise and Cloud at Ericsson, emphasized in her interview to CMS Wire that reliability has perennially been a major road block in IoT implementations. However, as she opines, if the RedHat and Eurotech collaboration can handle that, it is a definite relief to project managers. By combining Cloud software and open source technology, Red Hat and Eurotech are expecting to simplify the complexities that have been plaguing IoT success.

By aligning their technologies, North Carolina based Red Hat and Camaro based Eurotech will soon enable project managers to build business practices that exclude the need to send huge masses of data to the cloud for real time processing. The single architecture that will result from the collaboration will aim at ensuring that data transformation and aggregation along with transformation and routing will now all occur closer to the operational devices.

Business Cloud News while discussing this collaboration also highlights on a significant ‘productivity dividend’ as it defines the benefit. It opines that as the partners are working towards moving power away from the center and enabling remote business devices to generate business rules, possibility of accelerating the number of machine processes is significantly high.

The collaboration is expected to build a strong ecosystem that has become an absolute necessity in deploying successful IoT solutions. The credibility of this association has been further strengthened by the fact both Red Hat and Eurotech are built with technologies and competencies that complement each other. They are therefore ideally suited to bring on this technology revolution in the IoT sphere. Moreover, as Robert Andres, CMO Eurotech said, “Open Source and Java are important pillars in both our strategies. These factors ensure a good alignment.”

Simplifying the widely scattered Internet of Things by enabling it to function through a single architecture is a significant technology innovation that speaks volumes on the maturity of the era

Written By: Kristin Owens

Director, Strategic Marketing, Avnet Embedded


Red Hat and Eurotech Partnership: Paving Way for End-to-End Architecture for IoT

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