Bing Maps Is Bringing The World To The Classroom

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Bing Maps Is Bringing The World To The Classroom

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You’ve heard about Bing Maps for business, right?  Companies in a wide variety of industries are using Bing Maps to drive sales, increase efficiency and save money.  Transportation companies analyze routes, shipping companies track deliveries and companies of all sorts keep tabs on their assets.  Business owners, staff and customers are all happy.  Is there anyone who couldn’t benefit from the use of Bing Maps?

Unlikely End Users

What if your end user isn’t even old enough to have a drivers’ license?

That’s exactly what’s happening with Bing In The Classroom.  In addition to providing a safe, ad-free search experience, Bing is aiding in curriculum development and classroom exploration through the power of their maps.

Sure, Bing Maps’ aerial and bird’s eye view capabilities can show students geographical points on a map in more detail than the old-school paper maps.  But it’s the street side, 3D and personalized functions that are really changing the way students learn.

Enhanced Curriculum

Remember when you learned about far-off, distant countries in social studies class?  We had to imagine what those people and places looked like.  Or we relied on out-of-date photos in our textbook.

Not today.

Bing Maps gives students an up close and personal look at the exact places they’re studying – right down to the street level.  History teachers can zoom in on the Kremlin or tilt and zoom for a 360-degree look at the Coliseum.  Literature students can take a walking tour of Havana while studying The Old Man and the Sea.  Science curriculum can now include visual markers of where diseases and illnesses begin.

The Next Generation’s Field Trip

The influence of Bing Maps extends to activities beyond the classroom, too.  Educators are using the My Places function to plan and record field trips.

Written By: Gina Haraway

Gina Haraway is Avnet Embedded's Director of Supplier Business Development, Microsoft Global. With over 20 years of experience in the technology industry and 6 years at Avnet, Gina has held several positions and has extensive knowledge and experience in inside & field sales, account development and supplier business development. She is a regular contributor to


Bing Maps Is Bringing The World To The Classroom

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