Embedded vision is everywhere! See for yourself


According to market research firm IHS Technology, shipments of embedded vision devices are forecast to exceed 14 million units in 2018, up from almost four million units in 2014.*

Embedded Vision technology will soon touch nearly every aspect of our daily lives –- from automatic vacuum cleaners in our homes to augmented-reality applications in our mobile phones and even in the self-driving cars of the future. Are you familiar with these Embedded Vision applications? Check out the infographic below:

Driven by advances in sensors, processors and software, embedded vision systems will leverage the price, performance and power advantages in an exponential fashion. Nearly every market will be impacted by the technology–from industrial, medical, and automotive, to consumer, aerospace/defense and security. More importantly, there will be a range of embedded vision systems offered, depending on the processing performance needs and supportable product cost.

The future of machines that “see” is happening now. Visit our Embedded Vision site to learn about comprehensive starter kits, online documentation, training resources and community forums that can help you get started in this fast-growing segment.

*Niall, Jenkins. "Embedded Vision Growth Predicted Across Various Application Markets." IHS Technology, 09 Jul 2014. Web. 22 Jan 2015

Written By: Stephen Evanczuk

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