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Will HaLow Open the Door for More Intelligent Systems?

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Will HaLow open the door for more intelligent systems?

Reporting on the recent announcement of the “long-awaited Wi-Fi HaLow standard for products incorporating IEEE 802.11ah wireless networking technology,” Jim Hunter of Tech Crunch explains why this new standard may pave the way for more connected devices, especially Smart Home sensors and wearables.

“The need for physical-layer protocol bridges and gateways, and the upfront costs associated with them (in terms of price, simplicity and usability), has long been a sticking point for retailers, service providers and consumers alike,” writes Mr. Hunter. “HaLow offers the promise of removing a bridging device, once manufacturers’ consumer network equipment include HaLow capability in their product lines.”

According to Mr. Hunter, HaLow is designed to improve battery life in 900 MHz-connected devices and shouldn’t pose any significant compatibility issues for developers.

But while the new standard may open the doors for the creation of even more IoT products, there are “also a few reasons for caution.” These include the possibility that low-power HaLow devices may be less responsive, IoT interoperability issues, and the fact that adoption will likely take a while.

Written By: Kristin Owens

Director, Strategic Marketing, Avnet Embedded

Will HaLow Open the Door for More Intelligent Systems?

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