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There is an increasing concern over driving safety, with new automotive regulations being released around the world to address this growing concern. China, for one, is launching the AEBS/FCW/LDW/PDS as part of the China New Car Assessment Program (C-NCAP) test in 2018. Most car manufacturers in China have already implemented enhanced features in their new car models.

As a result, the market demand for Advanced Driver Assistant Systems (ADAS) has increased by leaps and bounds. In fact, the global automotive electronics market is forecast to grow robustly over the next few years. In particular, the market value of entertainment, body electronics and Advanced Driver Assistant Systems (ADAS) will expand to around $150 billion in 2020. The automotive semiconductor market is forecast to grow strongly as well.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Meeting the market requirements for ADAS

With a wealth of experience, capability and knowhow, Avnet is well positioned to meet this robust market demand. Our alignment with our supplier’s ADAS focus has enabled us to develop Avnet branded ADAS solutions.

Besides developing the Vision-based ADAS (Camera), we are working with partners to bring out the Radar, LIDAR, Ultrasound system to complete the development of our ADAS system. In China itself, we are working with top-tier local car manufacturers as well as tier 1 suppliers.

We have reference solutions for most of the ADAS features as well. Our in-house software can support our hardware, giving us the flexibility to cater to our customers’ requirements. As these algorithm and implementation knowhow belong to us, our customers and suppliers rely on us extensively.

Due to the liability concerns, we have not ventured into the powertrain and active control solutions so far. To support our customers on those ADAS applications, we do work together with car manufacturers who are able to take care of the liability concerns on their own.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems


Avnet’s ADAS Platform

We have adopted the most competitive components from various suppliers as our foundation for ADAS systems and camera modules. Amongst these are suppliers like NXP, ISSI, ST, Maxim, TI, Onsemi, Amphenol, Molex and Vishay.

With our software and algorithm integrated into the system, we can also be a solutions provider for software/algorithm development (which is provided from 3 party tier 1 IDH – like Mobileye). Suppliers rely on our software service to ensure the success of their components design in end-customer platform, widening their customer reach. Customers count on our ownership of the IP on our camera modules to bridge any gap in their solutions knowhow as well as facilitate the development and production of applications.

As we own the IP and knowhow, we can further differentiate ourselves in camera module markets either by supporting our knowledge & IP with components to camera module manufacturers or by partnering with manufacturers to offer Avnet branded camera modules.

We can therefore expand our service scope in the automotive industry by providing an unmatched ADAS ecosystem to car manufacturers in an effective and efficient way.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

In short, a number of factors set Avnet apart from others. These include our unique IP licensing model and knowhow which keep our customers loyal to us and generate new business. We can also support new features more effectively, getting our software up and running with little or no hardware change. Last but not least, Avnet’s algorithm service lets us align our business with exclusive supplier segments.


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