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Avnet and Not Impossible Labs revealed Music: Not Impossible at a first-of-its kind live concert at the annual Life Is Beautiful music festival in Las Vegas, Nev., on Sept. 21-22, 2018.

With Avnet as their guide, Not Impossible Labs has set its sights on a goal to revolutionize live music, and, in turn, bring it to an audience who had traditionally found it inaccessible: the deaf community. As their vibration-based technology product evolved from an idea on a napkin, it emerged as one of the most sophisticated wearables on the market. Called Music: Not Impossible, the product allows deaf and hearing concert-goers alike to literally feel live music through advanced vibration technology—and experience it together for the first time.

Launched in 2008 by visionary CEO Mick Ebeling, Not Impossible Labs creates technology for the sake of humanity while sharing their journey with the world through inspiring documentary stories. This work has taken Mick and team from providing a bedridden artist with the means to create again to getting disabled villagers access to the technology needed to 3D print their own prosthetic limbs. We’ve partnered together to create technology that enhances accessibility and inclusivity for people living with some of today’s most pervasive and challenging health conditions.

Reaching further for change

It’s really Mick’s mantra of “helping one to help many” that forms the basis of the Avnet and Not Impossible Labs partnership: the notion of finding a single case on which to base a new technology that can ultimately help the world. With Avnet as their guide, Not Impossible Labs will be better positioned to overcome the incredible challenges that come with developing products at scale. Through the expertise and resources within Avnet’s unique technology development ecosystem, they’ll be able to bring their life-changing technologies to market faster and more cost-efficiently—ultimately making them accessible to even more of “the many” people in need.

Avnet has previously supported a podcast series highlighting the Not Impossible Labs mission and projects, and will be sponsoring the Not Impossible Awards – a recognition of disruptive innovators in the humanitarian and technological space – for the second year running. We are also partnering on a second technology project: VibroHealth, a wearable technology that uses vibrations to help improve many of the common symptoms of debilitating illnesses, helping those affected to return to some of the activities they enjoy most.

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Podcast: not impossible is an audio podcast series that asks the question, “What if nothing in life is impossible?” These podcasts explore stories about people solving the hardest, most mind-boggling problems in some of the most creative and unimaginable ways. Mick Ebeling, the founder of Not Impossible Labs, is our guide through uplifting stories of people who've created technology for the sake of humanity.

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