Sitting at the heart of the global supply chain from the edge to the enterprise is Avnet. Our strong manufacturer relationships, extensive product portfolio, vast global resources and world-class services help our customers accelerate their IoT initiatives and seize more growth opportunities.


Making smart cities smarter

Based on ST products and supported by the ST S2-LP series, Avnet redefines the power of Sigfox and elevates it to the next level by incorporating GPS tracking and ultrasonic sensing capabilities.

Setting the standard for WiFi power plug_Grid

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Setting the standard for WiFi power plug solutions

Internet-enabled power plug solutions let us monitor and measure usage conveniently, maintain safety levels and even protect our homes and valuable electronic investments against electrical faults.

Gain full control of your home with BLE HomeKit_Grid

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Gain full control of your home with BLE HomeKit

The Homekit applications supported by Avnet demo kit include fans, garage door openers, light bulbs, power outlets, temperature control and humidity controls.

Accelerating smart gateways for connected lives_Grid

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Smart gateway

From smart home solutions to industrial and medical electronics, people across the world are not just amazed by the vast possibilities enabled by IoT, they are astounded by the speed at which they are entering our lives.

Discovering horizons in LoRaWAN

By leveraging the power of the muRata LoRa module with Cisco gateway to maximize IoT functions, Avnet further fuels the potential of LoRA and sets new benchmarks for innovation.

BLE plays key role in smart homes_Grid

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BLE plays key role in smart homes

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is fast gaining popularity as the preferred solution for smart homes due to its lower cost, low power consumption, easy development and good interoperability.

Harnessing the potential of IP cameras_Grid

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Harnessing the potential of IP cameras

Advanced to its current and most popular form, Avnet’s Nuvoton IP camera platform leverage the power and convenience of WiFi connectivity.

Opening the door to smart living_Grid

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Smart home solution

The rise of smart home solutions has ushered in a new era of convenience into modern households.

A lighting solution for smart homes_Grid

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A lighting solution for smart homes

Breaking the boundaries of traditional design, Avnet’s Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Light Bulb solution charts new territories with the benefits of smart lighting.

Securing the potential of IoT_Grid

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Securing the potential of IoT with Infineon OPTIGA

The Infineon OPTIGA IoT Security solution incorporates a secure element device in an IoT node reference design which helps decrease the risk of data breaches.

Home safety system

Avnet’s Home Safety Sensor Hub solution is a holistic one-stop ecosystem designed to allow access to critical data from a user-friendly mobile application.

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