If your power or performance budgets are just as challenging as your cost budget, look to Spartan®-7 FPGAs. Manufactured with TSMC’s 28nm HPL process, this family brings together the extensive capabilities of the Xilinx 7 series FPGA architecture with small form factor and RoHS-compliant packaging for the most optimized connectivity solution in the 7 series portfolio. The efficient 7 series CLB architecture, enhanced DSP, and block RAM enable a roughly 50% power reduction vs. previous Spartan families, while at the same time deliver a 30% performance improvement. Spartan-7 devices enable key connectivity and processing applications in industrial, automotive, infotainment, consumer, and communications markets, among others.

Features Applications
  • 28nm TSMC HPL Process Technology
  • Machine Vision Interfacing
  • Low Cost by Design
  • Single-Axis Motor Control
  • Embedded Processing
  • Cryptographic Engine for V2X Applications
  • Integrated Memory Block Capacity up to 4.2Mb
  • Adaptive LED Lighting System
  • Soft Memory Controller
  • Automotive Data Format / Standard Conversion

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