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Texas Instruments (TI), is committed to delivering a broad portfolio of wireless connectivity solutions which consume the lowest power and are the easiest to use. Ranging from certified modules to easy to design with QFN devices, with TI innovation you can share, monitor and manage data wirelessly for applications in wearable devices, home and building automation, manufacturing, smart cities, healthcare and automotive.

High performance Wi-Fi (WiLink Wi-Fi) modules

The TI WiLink™ 8 FCC/IC/ETSI/ Telec certified module family enables manufacturers to easily add fully integrated 2.4- and 5-GHz versions of Wi-Fi® and dual-mode Bluetooth® 4.0 solutions to embedded applications such as industrial, home and building automation, audio and wearables. Offers high throughput, robust Bluetooth and TI ZigBee coexistence mechanism, and now Wi-Fi Mesh for greater network coverage.

Part Details:

  • WL1835MOD WiLink™ 8: Single band 2.4 GHz combo 2x2 MIMO Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth® & Bluetooth Smart module
  • WL1837MOD WiLink™ 8: Industrial dual band, 2.4 GHz + 5 GHz 2x2 MIMO Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & Bluetooth Smart module




Embedded Wi-Fi (SimpleLink Wi-Fi) modules

TI makes connectivity even easier with the next-generation SimpleLink Wi-Fi solutions. The product family features Internet-on-a-chip™, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ solutions solving industry challenges for broad embedded applications. With SimpleLink CC3100 and CC3200 pin-to-pin compatible solutions you can:

  • Add very easily Wi-Fi to any MCU or program applications on the industry’s first Internet-on-a-chip solution with dedicated MCU
  • Add Wi-Fi to battery-operated designs for more than a year on two AA batteries
  • Start quickly, no Wi-Fi experience needed


Part Details:

  • CC3100: Add Wi-Fi to your application: SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi and Internet-of-Things solution connecting easily to your MCU.
  • CC3200: A Single-Chip Wireless MCU, SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® and Internet-of-Things solution.




Bluetooth dual-mode module

CC2564MODA.jpgTI’s dual-mode Bluetooth module transceiver (classic and BLE on one single device) is Bluetooth 4.1 certified (FCC, IC and CE) and Bluetooth 4.1 controller subsystem qualified (QDID 64631), compliant up to the HCI Layer, providing a fast and easy installation. Bluetooth software is delivered and supported by Texas Instruments. Easily connects to TI micro-controller including ultra-low power MSP432. Additional support available for STM32F4 MCUs.



  • CC2564MODA: Certified Dual-mode Bluetooth® module with integrated antenna.

Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) solutions



  • CC2640: SimpleLink ultra-low power BLE wireless MCU (pin to pin and SW compatible with Sub-1 GHz CC1310)
  • CC2540: BLE + USB Interface Wireless MCU
  • CC2540T: Extreme temperature BLE (+125 degree Celsius) Wireless MCU
  • CC2541-Q1: Automotive qualified BLE Wireless MCU
  • CC2592: Range extender

Key Development Tools:

  • CC26xx: Quick evaluation sensor to the cloud. BLE SensorTag
  • CC26xx: Development tool. BLE Launchpad
  • CC2540: USB evaluation kit





Sub 1-GHz


When range matters, combined with ultra-low power and robustness, Sub-1 GHz ISM bands technology is a perfect fit. With the new generation SimpleLink CC1310 ultra-low power wireless MCU, TI delivers 20km on a coin cell battery. CC1310 is the most integrated solution with ARM® Cortex®-M3 MCU and RF in a 4x4 mm WFN single chip.

Part Details

  • CC1310: SimpleLink ultra-low power Sub-1 GHz wireless MCU (pin to pin and SW compatible with 2.4GHz CC26xx)
  • CC1120: Narrowband performance line transceiver, SigFox support
  • CC1200: 802.15.4g performance line transceiver
  • CC1125: Ultra narrowband performance line transceiver





TI SimpleLink Ultra-low power wireless MCU platform offers a unique pin to pin and SW compatibility between 2.GHz and Sub-1 GHz enabling developers to leverage their investment and address more markets quicker.

In addition, developers can leverage the platform flexibility with multi-protocol solutions.

Part Details

  • CC2650: One Hardware, 6 different technologies with SW change: 2.4GHz SimpleLink ultra-low power wireless MCU supporting BLE, ZigBee, 6LowPan, RF4CE and 2.GHz proprietary.
  • CC1350: SimpleLink ultra-low power wireless MCU – BLE + Sub-1 GHz on one single chip

Key Development Tools:





Texas Instruments provides one of the industry’s largest, most differentiated NFC product portfolios enabling lower power solutions to meet a broad range of RF connectivity needs.

  • TRF7970A Multi-Protocol Fully Integrated 13.56-MHz NFC / RFID Transceiver IC
  • RF430CL33xH: Dynamic NFC Interface Transponder for Large File Transfer
  • RF37S114 Tag-it-HF-I Type 5 NFC, ISO15693 Transponder, 4mm x 4mm
  • RF430FRL154H: NFC ISO15693 Sensor Transponder with SPI/I2C interface

Key Development Tools:

  • DLP-RF430BP: Dynamic Dual Interface NFC Transponder Booster Pack
  • DLP-7970ABP: NFC Transceiver Booster Pack
  • TRF7960A: Evaluation Module and Target Board


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