5100 ECO SSD

Application-Optimized SATA Solution

Ever-increasing quantities of data are overwhelming traditional data center solutions. Micron’s 5100 Series SATA SSD, with industry-leading capacity (up to 8TB) and steady state random writes (up to 74,000 IOPS) 1, is perfectly tailored to meet the needs of this data deluge, enabling a holistic storage solution that helps lower latency and boost performance. And by leveraging Micron’s breakthrough triple-level cell (TLC) 3D NAND technology, the 5100 SSD family offers a unique cost-optimized platform that's a better value compared to existing HDD solutions — disrupting the economics of storage as we know it today.

With our 5100 SSD family, you get the consistent performance, robust reliability and low TCO you’ve come to expect from Micron SSDs — along with rich feature sets that provide market-leading security and endurance, flexibility, and simplification through a common platform. And our new FlexPro™ architecture enables tunable performance to match different applications and workloads, providing the flexibility required to thrive in modern data centers.

Three 5100 models (ECO, PRO and MAX) are designed to satisfy varying degrees of customer workloads — from read-intensive video streaming, to latency-sensitive transactional databases, to write-intensive logging applications — and come in capacities up to 8TB in 2.5-inch form factors and 2TB in M.2 form factors.

Key Benefits
  • High Capacity
  • Consistent High Performance
  • Comprehensive Security
  • Ultimate Flexibility
  • Outstanding Reliability



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