Automotive High Brightness LED Driver

The IS32LT3175 is a single channel linear programmable current regulator capable of up to 150mA. It integrates a debounce and latch circuit on the channel enable pin (EN) to facilitate the use of a low cost momentary contact switch. The PWM pin can be interfaced to a logic level “courtesy light” signal to directly drive the LED channel. The IS32LT3175P accepts a positive polarity PWM signal while the IS32LT3175N accepts a negative polarity PWM signal.

The device operates as a stand-alone LED driver configurable with external resistors; no microcontroller is required. A single external resistor programs the current level, while two separate resistors independently program the fade in and fade out ramp rate for the channel.


  • Operating voltage 5V to 42V
  • Single channel current source
  • Programmable current via a single external resistor
  • Configurable from 20mA to 150mA
  • Momentary contact button EN input
  • Input is debounced and latched
  • Higher priority than PWM input
  • Gamma corrected Fade In/Out algorithm
  • Pull down resistors set independent fade IN and OUT ramp time
  • PWM input pin driven by external PWM source
  • PWM directly drives the current source
  • IS32LT3175P – Positive polarity
  • IS32LT3175N – Negative polarity
  • Fault Protection:
  • OUT pin shorted to GND
  • ISET pin shorted to GND
  • Over temperature
  • SOP-8-EP package
  • Automotive Grade:
  • IS32LT3175P – AEC-Q100
  • IS32LT3175N – AEC-Q100
  • Operating temperature range from -40°C ~ +125°C

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