AC Line Rated Ceramic Disc Capacitors

The capacitor consists of a ceramic disc which is copper plated on both sides. Connection leads are made of tinned copper clad steel having a diameter of 0.6 mm. The capacitors may be supplied with vertical (inline) kinked leads having a lead spacing of 10.0 mm, or 12.5 mm. Encapsulation is made of flame retardant epoxy resin in accordance with UL 94 V-0.


Features and Benefits Applications
  • Complying with IEC 60384-14 4th edition
  • X1, Y1 according to IEC 60384-14.4
  • Can pass 10 kV pulses (10 per polarity)
  • Across-the-line
  • Reduced size (compact design)
  • Line by-pass
  • High reliability
  • Antenna coupling
  • Vertical (inline) kinked or straight leads
  • Singlelayer AC disc safety capacitors

Texas Instruments

Stackable Synchronous Buck Converter

The TPS546C23 devices are PMBus 1.3 Compliant, non-isolated DC-DC converter