New Product

UltraZ AD

Avnet all programmable autonomous driving platform

UltraZ AD is the platform for deep learning development, whose target is autonomous driving/self-controllable embedded products.

The board contains 2 sets of Zynq® UltraScale+™ MPSoC by Xilinx, and eligible for autonomous driving test or embedded into autonomous controlled robot, as those tips serves separately for object recognition, space recognition, and route searching algorism.

Massive(288KB) ULTRA RAM and wide bandwidth DDR4 SDRAM (w/ECC) on XCZU11EG/XCZU7EV, will strongly support algorism development which enables quick response in neural network image processing.

UltraZ AD with XCZU7EV also mounts H.264/265 Video Encoder/ Decoder, which allows 4K/2K 60fps video stream codec.

As UltraZ AD foresees next gen high quality vision censor interface, it mounts 2 port FMC HPC connectors and also delivers interface which enables high resolution/quick capture of car surroundings. It also mounts industry standard PCle Gen3.0 x4 lane, USB3.0, 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet, CAN2.0B, HDMI so that it can be connected to various evaluation needs such as via car interface, PC.

It also mounts AURIX processor by Infineon as an entry point for safety feature design, and it serves to monitor electricity per devices and UltraZ AD operating status notification to outer systems.


-   Memory

  DDR4 SDRAM: MT40A512M16JY-083E x18
  PS side: 72bit 2,400Mbps 
  PL side:  64bit 2,400Mbps
  QSPI Flash:  MT25QU512ABB8ESF x4 
  uSD Card: PS: SD3.0 Slot x2

-   Peripheral

  PCle:  PL: PCle Gen3.0 x4 Lane x2 
  USB 3.0: PS: USB3.0 Host/Device x2
  USB 2.0 PHY: USB3320C-EZK
  Ethernet: PLx4, PSx2: 10/100/1000Mbps 
    DP838671RPAP x6
  CAN2.0B:  PS: TJA1040T/CM,118 x2 
  HDMI: PL: ADV7511KSTZ-P x2 
  USB UART: PS: CP2104-F03-GM x2

-   FPGA

  XCZU11EG-2FFVF1517E x2 or 
  XCZU7EV-2FFVF1517 x2

-   Expand connector

  FMC: HPC (144 user 1/0) x2 
  Pmod(2x6):  PL (User 10 x3) 
  ARM: CorSight 10pin x2

-   MPSoC to MPSoC interface

  GTH: Rx: 1ch, Tx: 1ch 
  LVDS: Tx/Rx Data, CS, CLK:6chx2

Kit include

  • UltraZ AD board
  • CAN transceiver board
    * Multi Camera FMC board is not included


  • Autonomous driving ECU
  • Robot controller
  • Multi Camera SLAM Engine


UltraZ AD development concept

Figure 1 shows the image of UltraZ AD evaluation environment

UltraZ AD

 Figure 1. UltraZ AD evaluation usage Image 

Block diagram

Figure 2 shows the UltraZ AD block diagram

UltraZ AD

 Figure 2. UltraZ AD block diagram

Board and mount devices

Figure 3 shows the UltraZ AD device location

UltraZ AD

 Figure 3. UltraZ AD board layout and device location


  1.        XCZU11-2FFVF1517E (MPSoC #1: recognize, identify) 9. microSDCard socket
  2.        XCZU11-2FFVF1517E (MPSoC #2: space, route search)  10. 10/100/1000Mbps RJ45 PL 2x2ch
  3.        DDR SDRAMs 11. 10/100/1000Mbps RJ45 PS 1x2ch
  4.        QSPI Flash ROMs (for Configuration) 12. USB3.0 Micro AB connector x2
  5.        FMC HPC for MPSoC #1 13. USB Micro B connector(for USB-UART) x2ch
  6.        FMC HPC for MPSoC #2 14. Pmods (for CAN2.0B x4 board)
  7.        PCle 3.0 x4 Lane/ SATA 3.0 for MPSoC #1 15. Power connector +12V
  8.        PCle 3.0 x4 Lane/ SATA 3.0 for MPSoC #2  


UltraZ AD board specifications are as follows.

-   Dimensions

  Width : Less 210 mm
  Length: Less 297 mm(excluded connector height)  
  Thickness:  Less 50 mm

-   Environment

  Operating: 0°C to +45°C
  Storage:  -25 °C to +60°C

-   Operating voltage

  +12 VDC