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The shift to 5G has begun, and it’s going to change everything. Transportation, finance, government, agriculture, manufacturing, retail, construction – the entire world economy – will be equipped with unheard-of agility, efficiency and automation. For companies to stay relevant in the coming decade, they need to start prioritizing 5G today.

At TE Connectivity (TE), we’re developing the solutions that may enable the successful deployment of 5G.We cover the key issues faced by desgin enginner, including the shift from remote radio units(RRU) to active antenna systems (AAS), the design challenges of 5G radio units, and the role of fiber and cloud solutions. We also take a look at how TE is partnering with engineers and telecom OEMs from around the world to create innovative and scalable solutions for 5G’s obstacles.

Target applications

  • Wireless


  • Smarter
  • Faster
  • More dense

Related products/solutions

  • RF board-to-filer and RF board-to-board connectors
  • Antenna
  • High speed I/O connectors & cages
  • Mezzanine and backplane connectors
  • Power connectors and cable assemblies
  • High speed cable assemblies
  • Sensors


TE Connectivity 5G

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