TEA19161T / TEA19162T resonant power supply control IC

The TEA19161T and TEA19162T are combined controller ICs for resonant topologies including PFC. They provide high efficiency at all power levels. Together with the TEA1995T dual LLC resonant SR controller, a cost-effective resonant power supply can be built. This power supply meets the efficiency regulations of Energy Star, the Department of Energy (DoE), the Eco-design directive of the European Union, the European Code of Conduct, and other guidelines.

The TEA19161T is designed to cooperate with the TEA19162T Power Factor Control (PFC) controller. To ensure communications regarding start-up and protections, the TEA19161T contains a digital control. The digital control also enables a fast latch reset mechanism. To maximize the overall system efficiency at low output power levels, the TEA19161T sets the TEA19162T to operate in burst mode.

Using the TEA19161T/TEA19162T/TEA1995T combination, a highly efficient and reliable power supply, providing 90 W to 500 W, can be designed with a minimum of external components. The system provides a very low no-load input power (< 75 mW; total system including the TEA19161T/TEA19162T/TEA1995T combination) and high efficiency from minimum to maximum load. So, any additional low-power supply can be omitted.


  • Distinctive features:
    • Complete functionality as a combination with TEA19162T
    • Integrated high-voltage start-up
    • Integrated high-voltage Level Shifter (LS)
    • Very fast start-up (< 500 ms at Vmains = 100 V (AC))
    • Continuously VSUPIC regulation via the SUPHV pin during start-up and protection, allowing minimum SUPIC capacitor values
    • Operating frequencies are outside the audible area at all operating modes
    • Integrated soft start
    • Powergood function
    • Maximum 500 kHz half-bridge switching frequency
  • Green features:
    • Very high efficiency from low load to high load
    • Compliant with Energy using Product directive (EuP) lot 6
    • Excellent no-load input power (< 75 mW for TEA19161T/TEA19162T/TEA1995T combination)
    • Regulated low opto current, enabling low no-load power consumption
    • Very low supply current during non-switching state in burst mode
    • Adaptive non-overlap time
  • Protection features:
    • Supply undervoltage protection (UVP)
    • Adjustable latch or restart function for overpower protection (OPP)
    • On-chip overtemperature protection (OTP)
    • Capacitive mode regulation (CMR)
    • Accurate overvoltage protection (OVP)
    • Maximum on-time protection for low-side and high-side driver output
    • Overcurrent protection (OCP)

NXP TEA19161T / TEA19162T Resonant Power Supply Control IC

Target applications

  • Desktop and all-in-one PCs
  • LCD television
  • Notebook adapter
  • Printers
  • Gaming console power supplies




Digital controller for high-efficiency resonant power supply