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XENSIV™ - current sensor TLI4971-A120T5


The TLI4971-A120T5 is the first product of a new family of precise and stable current sensors based on Infineon´s proven Hall technology. The product offers a high level of flexibility as customers can individually program product parameters such as the current range, the overcurrent threshold, and the output mode. It addresses industrial applications such as electric drives up to 30 kW of photovoltaic inverters. 

The coreless open-loop current sensor offers an accurate and stable current measurement – provided as an analog output voltage. Based on Infineon’s market-proven temperature and stress compensation the sensitivity error is as low as 2 percent at room temperature. It can be reduced below 2 percent with a single point in-system calibration. Furthermore, differential measurement with two Hall cells ensures high accuracy even in a noisy environment with cross-talk from adjacent current lines of magnetic stray fields.

Infineon’s current sensors provide accurate and stable current measurement up to 120A. The products are intended for use in high-voltage industrial applications such as electric drives, photovoltaic inverters, power supplies or battery management systems.

The coreless open-loop sensors are based on Infineon’s precise and stable Hall technology. Thus the output signal is highly linear over temperature and lifetime. Due to the lack of an iron core, the sensor signal shows neither hysteresis nor does it suffer from saturation. Due to the integrated current rail, there is no need for external calibration. The differential measurement with two Hall cells ensures high accuracy even in a noisy environment with cross-talk from adjacent current lines of magnetic stray fields. 

Highlights of the XENSIVTM TLI4971 include a best-in-class thermal performance for high currents due to its innovative TISON-8 package as well as isolation against high voltages. The two output pins for fast overcurrent signals can be used for pre-warning and system shut-down. Designers can program the threshold levels of the overcurrent signals and thus adapt them to individual requirements without any external components. The sensor also provides a signal in case of an over- or under-voltage condition for the supply voltage.

The well-established Infineon TLI4970 combines superior accuracy with one output pin for an overcurrent detection signal. The measurement signal is provided through a 3-pin serial peripheral interface (SPI) using a standard unidirectional 16-bit SPI protocol is used. Several sensors can be connected to a parallel SPI bus.

Competitive Advantages

  • Very low sensitivity error over temperature (<2.5%) and lifetime (<3%)
  • Best in class power dissipation for high currents
  • Programmability of current ranges to enable platform design
  • No shielding against cross-talk required
  • Separate path for overcurrent detection to support OC pre-warning and shut-down
  • Limited number of external components due to integrated overcurrent detection


  • Measurement up to 70ARMS  @ 690VRMS
  • Full scale measurement range ±120A
  • AC and DC measurement possible
  • Measurement range programmable from 25A to 120A
  • Typical error at 25°C <2%
  • Resistance of the current-rail 225µΩ typical
  • Analog output signal with 120kHz bandwidth
  • Two separate outputs for overcurrent detection (OCD) feature
  • Programmable overcurrent detection threshold up to 2 times of the measurement range
  • Fast response time for overcurrent detection (typ. <1µs)
  • Small TISON-8 package (8x8x1mm)
  • Version with UL certification available

Target applications

  • Electric drives up to 690VRMS
  • Photovoltaic inverters
  • Power supplies
  • Overload or overcurrent detection in high voltage power circuits


  • Ultra-low power loss due to low resistance of current rail saves cooling structure
  • Reliable current measurement over lifetime (no re-calibration)
  • Functional isolation for high voltage applications
  • Integrated overcurrent detection safes external circuitry
  • Two overcurrent pins with two independent overcurrent thresholds to define pre-warning and shut-off current
  • Programmable sensor to cover multiple frame sizes for drives

Block diagram

Infineon XENSIV™ - current sensor TLI4971-A120T5


Datasheet - TLI4971

High precision coreless current sensor for industrial applications in 8x8mm SMD package.