MERUS™ class D audio amplifier

Since years Infineon wows audio customers all over the world with its technologies and products.Now it is time for setting new standards. With MERUS™ Infineon establishes one brand synonymous for excellence in Class D audio throughout all application categories.

Infineon’s MERUS™ class D audio amplifier solutions address a wide range of applications in the field of portable/battery powered, home and professional audio applications. The broad portfolio covers power ranges from 20W to 2kW per channel from the smallest single-chip devices and multi-chip module (MCMs) to highly scalable discrete audio amplifier solutions consisting of powerful MOSFET/CoolGaN™ enhancement mode (e-mode) HEMT and driver ICs combinations.

Target applications

  • Home
  • Portable / battery powered
  • Professional audio.


  • Family of monolithic amplifier ICs: MA12040P, MA12040, MA12070P, MA12070
  • Additional on-chip MOSFETS to produce outputs with a higher signal granularity
  • Scalable signal granularity keeps the power loss extremely low
  • Proprietary circuits architecture -> virtually no switching loss in idle mode
  • Multilevel switching for ultra-high power efficiency and filter-less amplification
  • In realistic audio playback situations (i.e. average output power) traditional Class D audio amplifiers consume significantly more input power (~1 W on average) than MERUS™ integrated multilevel audio amplifier ICs (~0.25 W)

Infineon MERUS™ class D audio amplifier

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Highly efficient, fully integrated, digital audio power amplifier IC, based on multi-level switching technology