Infineon’s solution for advanced, smart and connected LED driver

The XDPL8221 is industrial 1st programmable digital LED controller which comes with a UART interface to monitor real-time operating parameters, this is ideal for Smart IoT LED light application. The chip also offers a dim-to-off function and flicker-free features. It combines a quasi-resonant PFC with a quasi-resonant flyback controller with primary-side regulation. A serial communication interface supports direct communication with external MCU. The XDPL8221 is specially designed for an advanced LED driver in smart lighting or IoT applications. The multi-control feature constant voltage, constant current and limited power enables a highly, versatile LED driver (e.g. window LED driver).

The XDPL8221 combines advanced functions, such as multi-control featuring constant voltage, constant current and limited power as configurable operating parameters.  The performance of the XDPL8221 helps to design more efficient devices. This driver IC supports full functionality for both AC and DC input in the nominal input voltage range of 100 VAC to 277 VAC or 127 VDC to 430 VDC. Depending on the actual situation, the built-in digital control selects the best mode of operation. It can switch between quasi-resonant, discontinuous conduction or active burst modes. The XDPL8221 UART interface with a command set enables control of the functions of the device and provides status information. This enables numerically exchanged real-time data. This data can be used for monitoring or additional local control functions. This driver IC can be dimmed flicker-free below one percent, while the current is still regulated with high accuracy. The chip also offers a dim-to-off function to keep the device in a standby mode when the light is off with a low standby power (less than 100 mW, depending on driver design)


  • Supports AC and DC input
  • Nominal input voltage range 100VAC – 277VAC or 127VDC – 430VDC
  • Reference board efficiency > 90%
  • Power factor > 0.9 and THD < 15% over wide load range
  • UART interface and command set
  • Standby power < 100mW
  • Temperature guard with adaptive thermal management with internal and/or external sensor
  • Digital control selects automatically best mode of operation, depending on actual requirements
  • QRM (quasi-resonant mode)
  • DCM (discontinuous conduction mode)
  • ABM (active burst mode)
  • Tunable, digital parameters
  • Configurable brown-out and brown-in protections
  • Relevant error conditions are monitored and protected
    (Undervoltage / Overvoltage / Open load / Output shorted)


  • Flicker-free LED driver for indoor or outdoor applications
  • Multi-mode LED driver for connected lighting
  • Wired or wireless connected LED driver


  • Enables the design of high performance and innovative advanced LED driver for connected lighting with small effort
  • Reduced BoM minimizes system cost and increases flexibility
  • High reliability features improve long lifetime of the driver
  • Fast design cycle reduces time to market and efforts for value products
  • Supply chain efficiency optimizes stock keeping and enables high flexibility
  • Real time operating parameters digitally available by UART interface
  • Dimming control numerically precise through UART commands

Block diagram

Infineon’s solution for advanced, smart and connected LED driver



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