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LED driver IC BCR431U

Gives more freedom in designing low current LED strips


The constant current linear LED driver IC provides low-voltage drop performance for regulating LED current. It is the second device released in the new generation BCR family with low voltage drop focusing on low current designs of up to 37mA. Typical applications for the new BCR431U include LED strips, channel letters, architectural LED lighting, LED displays, as well as emergency, retail, and appliance lighting.

Infineon’s BCR431U is a linear LED driver IC in a small SOT23-6 package regulating the LED current in standalone operation without any external power transistor. The voltage drop at the integrated driver IC can go down to 105 mV at 15 mA. It improves the overall efficiency and provides the voltage headroom required to compensate for the LED forward voltage tolerances and variances in the supply voltage. The LED current is easily adjustable via a high ohmic resistor on a dedicated pin with an IC supply voltage ranging between 6 V and 42 V. For safe and reliable operation and to extend the overall LED system’s lifetime, a smart over-temperature controlling circuit keeps the current constant even at rising temperature. It reduces the LED current only when the junction temperature gets very high. The BCR431U features a dimming capability of down to 1 percent, which makes it attractive for a great variety of LED strip designs.


  • Supply voltage from 6 to 42V
  • Controls up to 37mA LED current
  • Typ. 105mV saturation voltage at 15mA
  • Smart temperature control
  • LED current precision ±10% over the whole current range
  • High ESD robustness
  • LED current can be adjusted by Rset functionality

Target applications

  • LED strip
  • Architectural LED lighting
  • LED displays and channel letters
  • Emergency lighting
  • Retail lighting
  • White good lighting


  • Flexible for 12V / 24V / 36V designs
  • Low voltage-drop enables voltage headroom
    •  For more LEDs and better efficiency
    •  For longer LED strips and less feeding points
    •  For more flexibility in power supplies used
  • High precision for low-power LEDs
  • Thermal protection in critical temperature ranges
  • Protection against surge events

Infineon LED driver IC BCR431U




BCR431U Linear low-voltage-drop LED driver IC