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High performance motor control IC series

iMOTION™ IMC100 is a series of highly integrated ICs for the control of variable speed drives. By integrating both the required hardware and algorithm to perform control of a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) they provide the shortest time to market for any motor system at the lowest system and development cost.

Infineon’s patented and field-proven Motion Control Engine (MCE) implements Field Oriented Control (FOC) using single or leg shunt current feedback and uses space vector PWM with sinusoidal signals to achieve highest energy efficiency. It also integrates multiple protection features like over- and undervoltage, overcurrent, rotor lock etc. Powerful tools like MCEWizard and MCEDesigner reduce the implementation effort for a variable speed drive to a simple configuration of the MCE for the respective motor.

The IMC100 series takes advantage of a new hardware platform that brings a comprehensive set of innovative analog and motor control peripheral.

The next generation of the MCE not only further improves the performance of the control algorithm but also adds functionality like sensor support for accurate rotor positioning, ready-to-use PFC algorithms as well as more and faster host interface options

The IMC100 series is offered in several device variants ranging from single motor control to motor control plus PFC. All devices can be used in applications requiring functional safety acc. to IEC 60335 (‘Class B’). With this wide application scope the IMC100 series is the perfect choice for any highly efficient variable speed drive.


Key features

  • Ready-2-use solution for variable speed drive with or without power factor correction (PFC)
  • Integrated motor control algorithm based on PMSM motor
  • Integrated protection features for power stage & motor
  • Support for IEC/UL 60335 (safety for home appliances)

Target applications

  • Aircon
  • Small pumps & fans


  • Ready-to-use for any variable speed drive
  • High efficiency using Field Oriented Control
  • Flexible Configuration via iMOTION™ tools
  • Integrated control for boost & totem pole PFC
  • Highest Flexibility on position/ current sensing and host interfaces
  • Support for functional safety - IEC 60335
  • Strong protection for power stage and motor


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Infineon introduces the new iMOTION™ Modular Application Design Kit (MADK) Platform evaluation and testing for compact and flexible 3 phase motor drive system solutions.