Meet the products and brands of Bel

With more than 65 years in the electronics industry, Bel is a trusted name in providing highly engineered products that Power, Protect and Connect electronic circuits.

Bel operates globally allowing technical team members the ability to be closer to customers when designing state of the art circuits, power supplies, interconnects and integrated magnetic modules. Providing solutions is Bel’s commitment to our customers, at any stage of the design process.

Headquartered in Jersey City, NJ, Bel is a reliable partner to many original equipment manufacturers that span across networking, military & aerospace, telecommunications and industrial applications.

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Bel Power Solutions

Bel Power Solutions offers world-class AC-DC and DC-DC power conversion products, value-add solutions, complete box-build solutions and contract manufacturing services, along with a complete portfolio of Electronic Circuit Protection devices and a full suite of Open Compute Project (OCP) power shelves and power modules designed to address the power conversion needs for any OCP data center platform, including power shelves with built-in controllers for communicating with the datacenter control and monitoring network, single or triple output busbars, configuration for 3+3 or 5+1 supply redundancy, and dual inputs in a 1 OU OCP compatible space.

Bel is also a market leader in railway with Melcher™ brand products and technology leaders in the development of high-efficiency and high-power density front-end products. Our power conversion devices cover the full spectrum from board-mount power to system-level architectures for servers, storage, networking, industrial, datacom, telecommunications, harsh environment, HEV (hybrid and electric vehicle) and railway industries.

Featured products

Bel Electronics AC/DC power supply PFE600-12-054NA AC/DC Power Supply Single-OUT 12V 50A 600W Learn more
Bel Electronics AC-DC power supply SFP1050-12BG Front End AC-DC Power Supply, Power 1050W, Output 12VDC, 86.7A, Input 90-264VAC, Normal Airflow Learn more
Bel AC-DC Power Supply PET750-12-050NA Front End AC-DC Power Supply, Power 750W, Output 12VDC, 62A, Input 90-264VAC, Normal Airflow Buy now



Open Compute Rack and Power Specifications

This Bel Application Note explains how to apply open compute rack and power specifications to new and existing data centers.

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Bel Power Solutions Product Highlights

Bel Power Solutions products are suitable for a wide range of applications, including industrial routers, data storage and servers, wireless communications, medical diagnostics, optical networking, automated test equipment, transportation & railway.

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Cinch Connectivity Solutions

Cinch Connectivity Solutions is a vertically integrated supplier of high quality, high performance connectors and cable assemblies. Our product lines deliver custom engineered solutions to satisfy the most demanding and complex requirements. Cinch Connectivity’s products support aerospace, military, wireless communications, data networking, telecommunications, test/measurement, broadcast, medical, oil/gas and other harsh environment applications. For more than 100 years, we have aimed to exceed our customers’ expectations by continually providing innovative solutions to the rapidly changing needs of the markets and customers we serve.

Featured products

Bel connector 142-0701-501 SMA Jack, Right Angle PCB Mount Bulkhead Learn more
Bel connector UCBBJE20-1 BNC Bulkhead Jack, 75 Ohm, Circuit Board Edge Mount for .060 - .064 Board Thickness Learn more
Bel connector 131-3701-271 SMB Jack, Straight PCB Mount Buy now




The Cinch Story

This Bel Application Note details the history of Cinch and how they have been a leader in innovation over the last decade!

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Stewart Connector

Stewart Connector’s portfolio of products features one of the broadest ranges of data communications connectivity. Our interconnect products include RJ45 plugs and jacks, USB connectors and cables, and SFP+ connector cages that provide connectivity in networking equipment. RJ45 modular plugs and jacks are utilized within the structured cabling system, known as premise wiring to support TIA Category 5E, 6, and 6A connectivity standards. Stewart Connector’s products are designed to be compliant with the most current industry standards including 1G, 2.5G, 5G, and 10G Ethernet communications as well as POE. Connectivity options are available for IP rated harsh environment applications.


Bel connector SS-7188S-A-NF Conn Telephone/Telecom F 8 POS 2.54mm Solder RA Thru-Hole 8 Terminal 1 Port Learn more
connector SS-6488S-A-NF Conn Telephone/Telecom F 8 POS 2.54mm Solder RA Thru-Hole 8 Terminal 1 Port Learn more
Bel Connectors SS-60000-009 Conn Telephone/Telecom F 8 POS 2.03mm Solder RA Thru-Hole 8 Terminal 1 Port Cat 6 Learn more




Modular Plugs with an industry leading array of part number configurations available, Stewart Connector has an RJ45 modular plug available for your application.

940-SP-3088R-A133 Conn Telephone/Telecom PL 8 POS 1.02mm Crimp ST Cable Mount 8 Terminal 1 Port Bulk Learn More
940-SP-3066 Modular Plug, Standard, 6P 6C, Unshielded, .032-.038 Conductors Learn more
SS-37000-002 Conn Telephone/Telecom PL 8 POS 1.02mm ST Cable Mount 8 Terminal 1 Port Bulk Cat 5e Learn more
Collection of Ethernet plugs and cables



Ethernet Solutions for Mass Market PHYs

Stewart Connector & Bel Magnetic Solutions brands include connector & magnetic options that combine Bel’s design expertise to provide the highest level of connectivity & signal conditioning.

Learn more: Broadcom | Marvell

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Bel Fuse-Circuit Protection

Bel Fuse-Circuit Protection offers a broad range of PCB Mount, Surface Mount and PTC resettable fuses. PCB Mount products include radial, standard glass and ceramic cartridge fuses. The company has been at the forefront of the industry’s shift to surface mount fuse designs, such as brick and chip fuses, that incorporate the need for small, compact technology. Bel Fuse-Circuit Protection also offers a complete product offering of PTC resettable fuses in both surface mount and radial styles. Fuse products are certified by many 3rd party agencies to varied performance standards. The certification marks are obtained through agencies such as UL, CSA, PSE, CCC, VDE and Semko. The fuse and PTC resettable products are all RoHS 2 compliant.

Bel fuses

Featured products


0ZCJ0010FF2E PTC Resettable Fuse 10A 60V T/R Buy now
0ZCJ0005FF2E PTC Resettable Fuse 10A 60Vdc T/R Buy Now
0ZCJ0020FF2E PTC Resettable Fuse 10A 30V T/R Buy Now



Bel Fuse-Circuit Protection Cross Reference

A quick guide on Bel and LittleFuse cross reference products.

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When is a Fuse Not a Fuse?

As electronic systems continue to shrink and evolve, the single use nature of the fuse has come under increasing pressure. Read this Bel Application Note to learn more about fuses.

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Bel Magnetic Solutions/TRP Connector

Bel Magnetic Solutions offers an extensive line of Integrated Connector Modules (ICM), where the Ethernet magnetics solution is integrated into a connector package. The ICM product line covers every Ethernet application in the market today. Our products include one of the broadest ranges of magnetic-based solutions for high-speed networking and computer applications. ICMs cover a range of Ethernet speeds and technologies from 10/100Base-T, 1GBase-T, 10GBase-T and Power over Ethernet (PoE).

Featured products


Bel RJ45 connector L829-1J1T-43 MagJack 1000BASE-T, 1X1, 3w-OG/Y, Tab Up, Low Profile, RoHS Buy Now
Bel connector 08B0-1X1T-36-F MagJack 10/100BASE-T, 1X1, OG/Y LEDs, Tap Up, -40 to 85*C, RoHS Buy Now
Bel connector 0826-1X1T-GH-F MagJack 1000BASE-T, PoE+, 1X1, OG/Y, -40 to 85*C, Tab Up, RoHS Buy Now




Electromagnetic interference in a LAN system

This Bel Application Note document will help you learn how the quality of magnetic ICMs from Bel can help to control emission & susceptibility so that the system will pass the EMC requirement before it is released to the market.

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Ethernet Solutions for Mass Market PHYs

Stewart Connector & Bel Magnetic Solutions brands include connector & magnetic options that combine Bel’s design expertise to provide the highest level of connectivity & signal conditioning.

Learn more: Broadcom | Marvell

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GBL - Bel Stewart Connector Focus Catalog

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Stewart Connector Focus Catalog

Stewart’s interconnect products includes passive jacks, plugs and cable assemblies that provide connectivity in networking equipment

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GBL - Bel Fuse Circuit Protection Focus Catalog

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Bel Fuse-Circuit Protection Focus Catalog

Bel Fuse’s circuit protection portfolio has been at the forefront of the industry shift to board level, surface mount, fuse designs, including C2Q Chip Fuses with 0603 footprint. See what Bel has to offer!

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Low Profile, Mid-Plane Mounted MagJack®

The Low Profile, Mid-Plane Mounted MagJack Meets all IEEE 802.3 10/100Base-T thru 10GBase-T Electrical Requirements. Ideal for Customers with Space Constraints

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