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Laird Performance Materials - Removable Top Board-Level Shield

The ReCovr line has the functionality of a two-piece shield in effectively shielding against stray electromagnetic interference. However, there is no need for a separate frame and cover. The shield has a locking mechanism allowing for easy removal of the shield cover, enabling access to board-level components. This eliminates the time-consuming need to remove the entire shield to make repairs and thus reduces board re-work.

ReCovr's locking mechanism makes repairs of components under the shield quick and easy. The removable top shield also integrates Laird's patented rigid corner board-level shield technology which optimizes component rigidity for increased part and printed circuit board firmness.


  • Single-piece board level shield with a removable top cover
  • Eave-less side walls when the cover is removed
  • SMT or through-hole pin configurations available
  • Vent hole patterns
  • Castellations
  • Trace clearance notches

Target applications

  • Consumer electronics including voice recognition sub-assemblies
  • Telecommunications
  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Industrial and instrumentation


  • Typical shielding effectiveness is >30db at 1-10 GHz
  • Cover retention maintained through standard 1 meter drop test
  • Regid corner design promotes co-planarity. Typical 0.1 mm (.004")
  • Consitent, reliable removal force. -2.0 lbs (9 N) pull force


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