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Vishay RAMK060

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RAMK060 is a position sensor which converts a mechanical angular position into an electrical signal (analog or digital) with very high precision and resolution.

Due to the very high accuracy and physical resulotion and the very good behavior in moisture and temperature, this product is especially suitable for harsh conditions.

Target applications

  • Industrial Robot Arm
  • Human Robot Collaboration
  • Automated Guided Vehicles
  • Renewable Energy Applications

Key features

  • Provides an accurary of 13bits and a resolution up to 19bits. (and better performances on requests.)
  • The resolution is a real / physical resolution, and the electrical noise is vey low.
  • The product is ultra-flat with a thichness smaller than 8mm and has a light weight.
  • The product is totally plug and play, no calibration needed and easy to integrate.
  • Our technology is not sensitive to moisture, pollution, temperature and external magnetic fields.


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RAMK series

RAMK is the magenetic encoder. It can detect the position of the joint of the robotic arm and converts a mechanical angular position into an electrical signal with very high precision.

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