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Bourns BPS230 Humidity Sensor

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Bourns® Precision Sensor (BPS) portfolio has one of the smallest, most dependable sensors for measuring relative humidity. Quality, performance and reliability are the core values of this family of environmental condition sensors. Designed for the advanced sensor needs in Industrial Automation, Energy, Building & Home Control, low/medium-risk Medical* and Mil/Aero applications, the BPS line has been designed to provide high sensitivity/accuracy, long-term reliability, high temperature capability and harsh media compatibility. The Model BPS230 family offers precision relative humidity sensing in a small (2.0 x 2.0 x 0.75 mm) surface mount package. Bourns' humidity sensors features low current consumption for battery supported applications and low voltage operation compatibility with high reliability over the life of the sensor.

Target applications


  • HVAC systems
  • Process monitoring
  • Packaging automation

Medical Devices (low/medium risk):

  • Diagnostic equipment
  • Analysis equipment


  • Accuracy: ±3.0 % RH
  • Operating range: 0 to 100 % RH
  • Temperature range:
    -30 °C to +100 °C
  • Supply voltage range:
    1.62 to 5.5 VDC
  • Output: Digital I2C
    (temperature and humidity)
  • RoHS and REACH compliant


  • High reliability and stable performance over the life of the sensor
  • High sensitivity for relative humidity sensing
  • Low voltage operation capability
  • Extremely small package size (2.0 mm x 2.0 mm x 0.75 mm)
  • Low current consumption for battery supported applications

Block diagram

Bourns BPS230 Humidity Sensor


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