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Nordic - nRF52811

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The Nordic nRF52811 SoC includes a multiprotocol 2.4GHz radio (featuring 4dBm output power with -97dBm sensitivity (at 1Mbps in Bluetooth 5 mode)), 64MHz, 32-bit Arm® Cortex™ M4 processor, and 192kB Flash and 24kB RAM memory. The nRF52811 SoC also includes a wide range of analog and digital interfaces.

The nRF52811 SoC is an ideal connectivity chip for applications that feature a companion microprocessor. Examples include home and industry gateways that demand low power wireless support for Bluetooth 5, Thread, and Zigbee smart applications such as those used with smart light networks, HVAC, and security systems. The SoC is also a good choice for cost-constrained Bluetooth beacon applications requiring Bluetooth 5 technology’s extended range or employed as part of a Direction Finding system.


  • 64 MHz Arm® Cortex-M4 CPU
  • 192 KB Flash + 24 KB RAM
  • Bluetooth 5.1 radio capable of Direction Finding and Long Range
    • +4 dBm TX power
    • -97 dBm sensitivity with 1 Mbps
    • -104 dBm sensitivity with Long Range
    • 4.6 mA in TX (dBm)
    • 4.6 mA in RX
  • IEEE 802.15.4 radio capable of Thread and Zigbee
    • -100 dBm sensitivity
  • 0.3 uA in System OFF
  • 1.1 uA in System ON with RTC and full RAM retention
  • Full range of digital interfaces with EasyDMA
  • 12-bit 200 ksps ADC
  • 1.7-3.6 V supply voltage range
  • Package variants (all drop-in compatible with nRF52810)
    • 6x6 mm QFN48 with 32 GPIOs
    • 5x5 mm QFN 32 with 17 GPIOs
    • 2.48x2.46 mm WLCSP with 15 GPIOs

Target applications

  • CE remote controls
  • Network processor
  • Wearables
  • Virtual reality headsets
  • Health and medical
  • Smart lighting networks
  • Beacons
  • Connectivity device in multi-chip solutions
  • Smart Home


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