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Microchip- AcuEdge™ ZLK38AVS Development Kit

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AcuEdge™ ZLK38AVS Development Kit for Amazon Alexa Voice Service (AVS) now introduces far-field voice pick up and the flexibility to build devices with multiple mic array configurations. The solution reduces BOM costs while addressing the requirements of small-form-factor designs. 

As a leading audio front-end development kit with one-mic hands-free and two or three-mic far-field configurations qualified by Amazon, the solution features the ZL38063 audio processor which includes a 300 MHz DSP and dedicated hardware accelerators for voice processing. It also features Stereo Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC), which enables barge-in recognition to improve the consumer experience in extreme audio playback environments. 

With the flexibility to work with a variety of microphone options and configurations, Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) and third-party developers can use the development kit to cost effectively achieve their design criteria across a range of applications and form-factor constraints. 

Target applications

  • home automation controllers
  • set-top boxes,

Microchip AcuEdge™ ZLK38AVS Development Kit


  • One-mic configuration – Offers hands-free voice coverage for products where form-factor or cost constraints preclude the use of a multi-microphone array
  • Two and three-mic linear (180-degree) configurations – Designed for sound bars, smart plugs and switches, set-top-boxes or other applications typically positioned against a wall that benefit from 180-degree far-field coverage
  • Three-mic triangular (360-degree) configuration – Also with far-field coverage qualified by Amazon, this configuration is well suited for applications that may require user interaction from any direction such as portable speakers, wide-angle IP cameras and voice-enabled Wi-Fi® routers

Microchip AcuEdge™ ZLK38AVS Development Kit


Microchip AcuEdge™ ZLK38AVS Development Kit


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