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Vishay - Ambient light sensor

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The VEML6030 is a very high-sensitivity, high-accuracy ambient light sensor in a miniature transparent 2 mm by 2 mm package. It includes a highly sensitive photodiode, low-noise amplifier, 16-bit A/D converter, and supports an easy-to-use I2C bus communication interface and additional interrupt feature.

The ambient light read-out is available as a digital value, and the built-in photodiode response is near that of the human eye. The 16-bit dynamic range for ambient light detection is 0 lx to ~ 120 klx, with resolution down to 0.0036 lx/counts.

Beside100 Hz and 120 Hz flicker noise rejection and a low temperature coefficient, the device consumes just 0.5 μA in shutdown mode. In addition, another four power-saving modes are available that allow operating current to be reduced down to just 2 μA. The device operates within a temperature range of -25 °C to +85 °C.

The VEML6030’s very high sensitivity of just 0.0036 lx allows the sensor to be placed behind very dark cover glasses that will dramatically reduce the total light reaching it. The sensor will also work behind clear cover glass, because even very high illumination - such as direct sunlight - will not saturate the device and read-outs up to 120 klx are possible.


  • Dimensions (L x W x H in mm): 2 x 2 x 0.87
  • Integrated modules: ambient light sensor (ALS)
  • Supply voltage range VDD: 2.5 V to 3.6 V
  • Communication via I2C interface
  • I2C bus H-level range: 1.7 V to 3.6 V
  • Floor life: 72 h, MSL 4, according to J-STD-020
  • Low stand by current consumption: typ. 0.5 μA

Target applications

Ambient light sensor for backlight dimming

Product benefits

  • O-TrimTM technology adoption: ALS output tolerance ≤ 10 %
  • 16-bit dynamic range for ambient light detection from 0 lx to about 120 klx with resolution down to 0.0036 lx/ct, supports low transmittance (dark) lens design
  • 100 Hz and 120 Hz flicker noise rejection
  • Excellent temperature compensation

Block diagram

Vishay Ambient light sensor


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