ON Semiconductor - AX-SFAZ & AX-SFAZ-API

AX−SFEU and AX−SFEU−API are ultra−low power single chip solutions for a node on the Sigfox network with both up− and down−link functionality. The AX−SFEU chip is delivered fully ready for operation and contains all the necessary firmware to transmit and receive data from the Sigfox network in Europe. It connects to the customer product using a logic level RS232 UART. AT commands are used to send frames and configure radio parameters. The AX−SFEU−API variant is intended for customers wishing to write their own application software based on the AX−SF−LIB−1−GEVK library.


  • Ultra Low Power SoC
  • 100 nA deep sleep current / 1.3 uA sleep mode
  • Capability of running other sub-1G protocols such as wireless M-Bus on the same hardware
  • 230 mA TX current at 24 dBm output power (full reference design with external PA)
  • 34 mA RX current @922.3 Mhz (full reference design)
  • Ultra-low power consumption for a nationwide bi-directional network node
  • Up-Link and Down-Link
  • "Sigfox Verified" - Class 0u

Target applications

  • Building and home automation
  • Automatic meter reading
  • Sensor and asset tracking
  • Controls and lighting


  • Ultra−low power consumption
  • High performance narrow−band Sigfox RF transceiver

Block diagram

ON Semiconductor AX-SFAZ & AX-SFAZ-API


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