Texas Instruments - IWR1443

The IWR1443 device is an integrated single-chip mmWave sensor based on FMCW radar technology capable of operation in the 76- to 81-GHz band with up to 4 GHz continuous chirp. The device is built with TI’s low-power 45-nm RFCMOS process, and this solution enables unprecedented levels of integration in an extremely small form factor. The IWR1443 is an ideal solution for low-power, self-monitored, ultra-accurate radar systems in the industrial applications such as building automation, factory automation, drones, material handling, traffic monitoring, and surveillance.

The IWR1443 device is a self-contained, single-chip solution that simplifies the implementation of mmWave sensors in the band of 76 to 81 GHz. The IWR1443 includes a monolithic implementation of a 3TX, 4RX system with built-in PLL and A2D converters. The device includes fully configurable hardware accelerator that supports complex FFT and CFAR detection. Additionally, the device includes two ARM R4F-based processor subsystems: one processor subsystem is for master control, and additional algorithms; a second processor subsystem is responsible for front-end configuration, control, and calibration. Simple programming model changes can enable a wide variety of sensor implementation with the possibility of dynamic reconfiguration for implementing a multimode sensor. Additionally, the device is provided as a complete platform solution including reference hardware design, software drivers, sample configurations, API guide, training, and user documentation.



  • Built-in Calibration and Self-Test
  • On-Chip Programmable Core for Embedded User Application
  • Embedded Self-monitoring With No Host Processor Involvement
  • Complex Baseband Architecture
  • Embedded Interference Detection Capability\
  • Easy Hardware Design
  • Operating Conditions
    • Junction Temp Range: –40°C to 105°C


  • Industrial Sensor for Measuring Range, Velocity, and Angle
  • Tank Level Probing Radar
  • Displacement Sensing
  • Field Transmitters
  • Traffic Monitoring
  • Proximity and Position Sensing
  • Security and Surveillance
  • Factory Automation
  • Safety Guards

Block diagram

Texas Instruments IWR1443



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